SK Hooda there’s no more andha kanoon

Posted by Mera Ghar Mera Haq
February 22, 2018

It has been a long and arduous journey since the time the construction at the SpireWoods site has stopped. While initially, we all thought there might be some minor problems and the work will continue in few days, but the reality as we all know is that it never happened. Now with more than 3 years that the site has closed. SWBA and FOSECA, the two customer associations which were formed by the customers and buyers of Spire Woods and Spire Edge respectively, have done a great job of bringing all the customers together under one roof and putting pressure on the builder through legal ways to give us our properties.

In a hope for a much desired relief for thousands of real estate customers in Delhi NCR, a group of over a 100 members of Federation of Spire Edge Customers Association (FOSECA), a registered association of the customers of Spire Edge project representing more than 1100 customers of AN Buildwell Pvt. Ltd., met Bhartiya Janata Party’s Delhi President Sh. Manoj Tiwari, Member of Parliament, and updated him of the gravity of the situation.

The members of Federation of Spire Edge Customers Association (FOSECA) sought his intervention into the investigation which was ignoring the key fact of deliberate liquidation engineered by the Promoters of AN Buildwell in order to escape their liabilities. Sh. Manoj Tiwari was deeply moved by the plight of hapless aged investors and had had assured investors that he would personally accompany them to the PHQ, and request the Commissioner, Delhi Police to ensure that investors got relief as well as justice, and assured them that he would not hesitate in asking difficult questions to the Police Department, saying he did not believe in ‘Andha Kanoon’.

The Hon’ble Member of Parliament Sh. Manoj Tiwari, assured the buyers of his assistance and support in all the possible manner. The complainants, comprising investors and customers of AN Buildwell Pvt. Ltd. were greatly motivated by Sh. Tiwari’s pro-active approach and thanked him for his intervention.

Despite all the support from the Government & Hon’be High Court, the promoters were able to find favorable officials at EOW. A sections in the EOW are continuously protecting the Promoters and Chairman Sunil Gandhi owing to their financial and political clout.

In a major relief for belaboured customers of AN Buildwell Pvt Ltd (currently under liquidation), on 15.02.2018 the Division Bench of the Delhi High Court dismissed a petition seeking to transfer the case to NCLT and pushing the company firmly into liquidation.

The Hon’ble Bench accepted submissions by Mr. Vikas Sethi on behalf of FOSECA and SWBA, collectively representing over 1100 customers of AN Buildwell who submitted bonafides of the respective associations as well as proof of support from the majority of creditors. The Hon’ble Bench observed that the interests of the larger group should not be held hostage by the interests of a few individuals and passed an order dismissing the petition and asking for the revival petitions pending at the Company Court to be put on fast track.