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These 3 Delhiites Are Fighting The City’s Deadly Pollution Through Small, Everyday Actions

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Delhi’s pollution is a catastrophe. It is something that is effecting each and every one of us, every minute of every day whether we realise it or not. Every time we step outside our front doors we are subjecting ourselves to the toxic air that shrouds Delhi. We all know the dangers it poses to our respiratory health and our overall wellbeing and yet we don’t seem to be taking any action to help our environment.

While many are not acting, there are some who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and have taken up action against Delhi’s environmental issues to try creating a change for the future.

The communities of Ashok Vihar and Badarpur have held local Public Action Day events in collaboration with grassroots campaigning organisation Haiyya, as a part of the Youth4Environment Fellowship Programme. The Public Action Days have brought together communities, local leaders, civic authorities and RWA’s to seek accountability from their local authorities.

The Ashok Vihar and Badarpur communities are passionate about their environment and Delhi’s future and have taken steps to ensure they are doing their bit to protect our environment by segregating their waste in Badarpur, and promoting the adoption of solar power for every home in Ashok Vihar and Delhi through schemes and subsidies promoted by the Ministry of Environment an MNRE, public lighting like park and street lights should be converted to solar, solar water pumps should be installed in parks, and religious institutions, governments buildings and schools should install solar panels.

Hon’ble Minister MoEFC Dr Harsh Vardhan attended the event in Ashok Vihar and stated: “Solar is not a matter of money but the need of the hour now.”

Dr Harsh Vardhan and the leaders of the Ashok Vihar and Badarpur communities understand the urgency of action and have found creative ways to band together in hopes of generating meaningful change.

Those who attended the event and the members of the community who are taking action to encourage a cleaner, greener future for Delhi are examples of how a small group of people can change the world. Their actions are helping spread awareness throughout Delhi’s communities and encourage civic participation in such issues.

Whether it be segregating your own waste at home, creating a community compost bin, adopting solar power to your home, park and street lights being converted to solar, large buildings like schools installing solar panels, or even just talking about Delhi’s environment with friends, every action creates a ripple effect which can create change.

It is only through sharing a common cause and coming together in action that any worthwhile change can be accomplished. Because of organisations like Haiyya and Fellowship Programmes like Youth4Environment we are able to take an active step in deciding our environments fate. Haiyya has taken this first step in fighting for our future and it is now time for us to join them through sharing in their actions and starting our own narratives in order to achieve the future we wish to be a part of.