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Super Blue Blood Moon

Posted by Ŕâm Hèré in Specials
February 1, 2018

A combination of three Lunar Events “Super Blue Blood Moon”. A rare event which happened in 1866 last time. Moon becomes 14% bigger in size and comes very closer to Earth is referred “Blue” moon, when it looks and starts glowing Reddish is often called as “Blood” moon. The combo of this three seems superlative wonder of decades.

It happens when the Sun, Moon and the Earth forms in a Straight line and the fantastic thing is that we got two full moon’s this year in the same month.

The major myth going on these days is like not to go out while happening of a lunar eclipse, which is said by our astrologers but that’s all fake; everyone should watch this visual wonder says our scientists and science experts.

Not to go out and Not to eat anything during eclipses is a myth? Or a science? I don’t even know, I’m not supporting the myth neither science. I’ll just put up an incident which happened with me today.

One of my friend called me and asked “where are you?”

“I am still at college, stuck due to some work; leaving the premises now!” I said

He was like you are still in campus! Its 5pm..when will you reach home? I have already reached!

Yaah! It takes 2 hours to reach; I said.. but the eclipse starts in a hour, you should reach your home as soon as possible.

I don’t know go to home, fast! He screamed!

I exclaimed “😂 ”

‘Everyone will be at their homes respectively, right now’ he said…..ohhh! if everyone will be in their homes the roads will be left empty, I can travel conveniently without any traffic 😂 .. I added.

We shouldn’t do any journey; he said.

I said” Ohh u mean to say RTC, Railways, Flights and Metro will halt their services for few hours, will they wait till eclipse ends” by laughing I said.

He just shut his mouth and was like ‘hmmm’! okay..did you ate anything?

Yaaah! Everything, eat now itself because you shouldn’t eat anything during eclipse.

What happened to you man? Are you ok I said… Nothing he said … we both laughed 😂.

You usually talk about these science and all stuff, what happened today? I asked.

Leave it ; I gotta sleep…he said.
Okay..okay..byee I concluded.

So many debates are going on now in every news channels like whether to watch the eclipse or not? Is it a myth or science…I prefer to watch those visual wonders which take place after decades rather than staying under a roof and waiting for the eclipse to end without eating anything.

*I have just put my experience/opinions, not to hurt any sentiments or myths related to eclipse.