The Childbearing Journey Despite Infertility

Posted by Sneha R
February 20, 2018

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One of the most common fears for any couple is infertility. This is because infertility is hidden under a shroud of taboo and mystery. In the past, infertility meant the chances of bearing a child were zero. This has, however, changed in modern society thanks to research and technology. Due largely to the nature of infertility, research institutes around the world began investing their time and resources towards understanding infertility. The research into infertility and treatments surrounding infertility led to the discovery of infertility treatments such as IVF. This discovery also led to a new and exciting type of clinic that treats fertility issues in both men and women, this clinic is now commonly called a fertility centre.

In the past, the stigma of infertility was known to put an immense strain on most relationships. Pregnancy was a much scarier experience back then. Today, due to the strides made in medicine, treating infertility in men and women has evolved radically and is also accessible on a wide scale for a reasonable rate. Adding to the childbearing journey is the role of a surrogate. This gives a couple hope of bearing a child through external means. In fact, the more options that become available the more the dark aura surrounding infertility becomes less intimidating.

A key role in the journey to childbearing through alternate means such as surrogacy, IVF treatments or even adoption is communication. At times, infertility can be a lonely and self-deprecating illness. It is unfortunate that it is also surrounded by stigma. What helps is an open line of communication. This alleviates the pressure from both people in the relationship, leads to understanding and allows you to face this challenge head-on. Knowing your partner is by your side during this journey can be a calming and reassuring feeling. This means that you don’t face these challenges alone. Sometimes, however, just communicating with your partner is not enough. Often it is recommended that couples get therapy while dealing with infertility.

An interesting point to note is that the most common cause of infertility can be stress, by talking to trained therapists and working on managing the stress, it may offer hope of natural conception. Therapy also plays a large role in helping couples deal with the psychological challenges of infertility and in extreme cases even impotence.

Communicating about the fears of alternative conception methods to your therapist can also help address those fears. Whether physically, mentally or emotionally, managing infertility and requires a lot of effort. The good news, however, is the reward- a beautiful and hopefully healthy child that will change the way you and your partner view life.

So, don’t live in fear of the journey ahead, infertility can be beaten and hope exists. Contact fertility experts at a reputed institution today and face and overcome this obstacle together. After all, at the end of this road is a life-changing moment that no words can describe. Begin understanding infertility and what you can do to beat it by talking to your medical advisers immediately.

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