the heart melting strategy of a wink that took upon the courtesy: winkster priya

Posted by Shravika Singh
February 17, 2018

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Does any of you really ever bothered to let your heart fall upon something that was being  common so far? Or did you really cared about the way you did it just for a selfie or to show some sense of likeness to the person who falls beside your “BELOVED” eyes. Well the matter of WINK is being crucially played by the alluring Malayalam actress Priya Prakash Varrier who is the current darling of every screens. The record shattering wink did a much for creating the courtesy for her. Priya’s tremendous trick of wink is gaining a huge sensations of popularity over the internet and taking upon a huge presence in various controversies. Priya did it for her latest upcoming debut film ” ORU ADAAR LOVE”. While the sequence of movie’s song clip clocked a billion of views over the night and Varriers unprecedented facial expression became the very trend of the nation. Priya is said to be taking over the popularity of most of the bollywood actress like Deepika Padukone & Priyanka Chopra. She is briskly being compared to tough stardom of Alia Bhatt too. This is just a beginning while one would be amazed to see the people immensely copying her a times. Her expressions in the song Manikya Malaraya Poovi have floored netizens, leading to instant fame on social media. 

From Prime Minister “Narendra Modi” to the US president “Donald Trump”, the viral winking clip is being edited along with these two personalities in a wide collections. Though this kind of enormous popularity can also falls upon the thought of a promotional strategy by the director of the film. if you could just leave the negative side of this strategy then it can take upon a very creative way of commitments regarding gaining the very attention of the people. Putting the things on a heating controversies just like that of   “Padmavat” who recieved an opposing threats by Karni Sena. Or “Udta Punjab” facing  rejection by the Examining Committee due to its expletive-laden dialogues and scenes showing drug consumption. Terming it a current kind of practice, the same kind of hitting attacks on the sentiments of Muslim Religion, Varrier’s film falls upon the pocket of an umbrageous attacks. Muslim fundamentalists in Hyderabad have now filed a police complaint saying this Mappila pattu amounts to blasphemy. “This is sheer intolerance against free thinking and artistic expressions,” said by one of the opponents. Such things is becoming a practice to be a part of controversy. Can you figure out for a moment why the thing which has nothing to do with some sort of unique talent or a standing performance of the actress?

Meanwhile this is what we call the TREND OF ATTENTION HACKS, which is a much need of the youth although & this is what can be named as an “IKIGAI” , the reason for being. What is the reason for being is beautifully followed upon here in this winking video of PRIYA VARRIER. Hitting the nods of understanding the craze and the fun of the emerging youth around. The director OR the producer of the film has used this kind of tricks keeping the the very notions of the public.

This is not a stupidity but a strategy to make yourself or your content in the happenings and the mind of the people. If this level of discern adapted by the film maker then you can easily relate to the conquering mastermind that plays behind. Adaption of this trick did a much for raising the followers on instagram , if you can just tap on Varrier’s account then you can have a look that it raised to 3.7 million as per the current status. The actress has being repeatedly searched as  ‘Priya Prakash Varrier’, ‘Priya Varrier video’, and ‘Priya Varrier Instagram’ on Google in India. Priya’s mischievous romantic gesture towards her boy friend made the song, set on the campus of Don Bosco School, Mannuthy, an instant hit. WINK is the sensation now, and the credit goes to the people who worked behind to make this an urging remark. Stressing upon the positive side, a standing promotional strategy to melt the heart of people. Simply a CHUNK that soaked all of the attentions. Understanding of what the Indian brain can fall for? – THE STRATEGY BEHIND Or The mission. Although, Positive only in the sense of the film achievement, not for the society. “CRACKING” on the memes, learning to be familiar to such things in non of the development of the society. 

A fine educating the people is still so far. So far just like development of the people. Covering the proverb of Dr. BR Ambedkar – (Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives. Man’s life is independent. He is born not for the development of the society alone, but for the development of his self!!) we can think about what is really falls crucial for us, The reality still lags behind. That wink is still a big DOPE & a practice of the INDIAN peoples of finding out such a good humor in everything possible either the WINK that all matters. 







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