The indian education System:- informative or business

Posted by demon arya
February 5, 2018

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The education system in India nowdays are not just for the general information for all the students and beginners….some people are doing it as business. All we can see is the class devide between the poor and rich. Its like a mentality for us now that private schools/colleges are just for rich people and government schools/colleges  are for poor people. Its all about just for money and the fame, its not about the learning and the capabilities of having informations…

The lack of knowledge can be seen throughout and specially in the government schools… Like 30-40% of students from higher classes are not able to read out the books of lower classes… The reason is just one thing that schools are giving informations juat to pass the exams not to get the real knowledge that a student needs the most…even students don’t pay attention at classes because of tutions and coaching and thatswhy cheats are used during exams… If we talk about tutions.. Most of the tutors are like businessman.,if we walk through some of the tutorials or coaching, the fees can be seen like 10000-15000… And this is what I am talking about….

Government schools are like  A Figure among cyphers… They act like they are doing anything special or different for the poor people but if we see around,they are doing the same thing.. Too many promises and too many facilitation., but still no change….

So the question is “What is wrong with the Indian education system?”

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