The need for preventive Disability Insurance for Doctors

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February 22, 2018

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Doctors usually don’t have a very adventurous and dangerous life, but they can still be affected by accidents and events that disable their abilities. A static released by the Council for Disability Awareness revealed that almost every young professional in his mid-30’s has a 21% chance of becoming disabled at some point during a 3-moth window during all his career. An established professional maybe could afford the time to recover, but a young student on a residency cannot afford such luxury. The debts will pile up and these are usually unrelenting and unforgiving on a young practitioner.

Choosing a policy

This is where Disability Insurance For Physicians comes into play. A doctor needs to have a clear idea on the difference between own-occupation and other types of doctor’s insurance. There are policies dedicated to cover for the mental health of a practitioner while others can expand their benefits as a doctor increases his income or becomes specialized in a particular area. If a doctors becomes eligible for disability insurance it means he no longer is able to work in his specialized field. Depending on the kind of deal the practitioner reaches with his insurance company, he can either choose to collect a full set of benefits while retiring from active duty and work as consultant while collecting a residual disability provision.

Giving your policy a boost

There are additions that a doctor can make to enhance an insurance policy, they are usually know as riders and they are written extensions of benefits that you pay for to have your policy cover for more eventualities. Here are some of them and the way they work:

Own Occupation rider

This rider expands the definition of Total disability to offer a full set of benefits to practitioners who choose to go back to work on different duties on his own occupation or in a different profession altogether.

Guaranteed insurance rider

This benefit usually work best if a doctor chooses to take it up in his early days of residency. It will give them the chance to have better disability coverage as income increases. Even in a non-paid residency they can get coverage for up to $2,500 monthly

COLA rider

This one is also known as Cost of Living Adjustment rider. It keeps your policy benefits adjusted to inflation rates if you are disabled for more than 12 moths, the only catch is that the benefit cannot go up more than 10% in a year.

Retirement rider

This one is actually a way to get a little extra money on top of your monthly benefits while you’re waiting the elimination period to get your set of benefits, you’ll be able to cover expenses over this time with this added money. It’s usually available to people over 65 years old that is nearing retirement.

70+Coverage rider

Very companies offer this benefit but it’s an added bonus if you are over 70 years old and you are still practicing. The rider basically offers an option to get disability at this age with monthly payouts that go from $500 minimum to $10,000 maximum after passing elimination period.


A rider is a good way to make Disability Insurance For Doctors something better, it also give them the chance to cover all bases when it’s time to take prevention for emergencies. If you want to earn more, you can check more information at

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