The Vietnam travel guide for your solo trip

Posted by Racheal Jones
February 22, 2018

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Solo travel has suddenly become “the thing” in the recent past. And out of all destinations, Vietnam is gaining much popularity among the solo travellers. More and more people have begun to think that travelling with somebody creates a distraction from the destination. Vietnam is suitable because of it as a low crime rate and is safe for all.

The Vietnam travel guide for your solo trip

The weather conditions are also not bad at all, and there is plenty to do. Here is a list of what to do when in Vietnam:

  1. The basics

Keep all your documents ready. Apply for a Vietnam visa as soon as possible for a smooth and hassle-free proceeding. Once in Vietnam, always carry your passport with you. Never ever leave it behind in the hotel. You never know when you might need it. Be sure to never lose it as there are chances of you to get kept back in Vietnam.


  1. What to pack

Pack few clothes that are comfortable and modest. Do not wear anything too revealing near the national monuments and temples. Look at the weather forecast for the time that you will be in Vietnam and pack accordingly. If at all you do decide on backpacking, then be sure to wear good quality and comfortable sports shoes, but also carry along your slippers and wear them if you plan on going temple hopping.


  1. Transport

The most used mode of transport in Vietnam is the motorcycle. Tourists could rent one at very low prices around the country. There are also xe om services which are basically a motorcycle taxi. If you are a woman, avoid using these, especially during night time. The other means of transport include the train, taxi and by car.


  1. Shopping

Bargain! Bargain! Bargain! Where ever you go, do not buy souvenirs for the quoted price. On seeing a lone foreigner, the vendors will hike the price a lot more than usual. Learn a few Vietnamese words and numbers so that you understand exactly the rate to ask for. If they are still adamant, then simply walk away, the chances are that they will follow you and quote a lower price. Some of the markets that you could go to are Dong Xuan market and Night market.


  1. Money

The currency of Vietnam is called Dong. Currency exchange centres are almost everywhere in Vietnam. Carry your money in American Dollars as they are easier to transact. Your Visa and Master card could also be used in big restaurants and hotels with a surcharge of 3%. 1 INR= 353 Dong.


  1. Accommodation

Prearrange all your accommodations. Whether it is in a hotel, a resort or even in bed and breakfast, arrange it prior to your trip. This will avoid the tension of going to a place and finding nowhere to hit the hay. This to happen in a foreign country could be a scary situation. You also might have to settle for something less than what you hoped for.


This was your basic travel guide to Vietnam. Almost everywhere that you decide to go to is a must to go place. Hence, book your holiday packages grab your camera and get going! A Motorbike somewhere in Vietnam awaits you. Have a safe trip!

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