Things to Know in Buying a 6497 Movement Watch

Posted by Time Swiss Shop
February 22, 2018

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So you want to consider yourself as a watch lover, hence, you bought the newest 6497 Movement. But what if you know almost nothing about watches? If you are on the go to look for watches but you don’t know how to start, we are here to help you provide them. I mean, what else could you possibly have to know with your newly bought watch that you might deem relevant? Watches are not just bought because of their design and style. They have so much more specifications other than being able to tell time. Below are few guidelines you might want to know in order to understand your watch better.


If you want to start knowing about watches, the one thing you would probably most encounter would be the watch’s movement. But what is movement? Movement includes not just the flow of watch’s hands but it also contains the mechanisms of the watch that produce such effects. The movement of the watch plays an important role in serving its purpose—it shows how the watch works and how it manages to keep the time. It is, then, safe to say that movement is considered the watch’s heart. Movement of the watch comes in three kinds: quartz, mechanical, and automatic.


If you have the basic watch, its main purpose is to help you tell time. But there are several watches out there that offer various purposes. There are those that include other features such as the display of date and moon phase. These little additions on the watch are referred to as complication. Other than moon phases, some watches include alarms, repeaters, or even power indicator.

And then there’s this thing called chronographs. This feature is the one you mostly find in watches that have stopwatch. Chronographs have 3 sub-registers that are located inside the main dial of the watch. On the side of the watch, there are different buttons that stops and starts the stopwatch while the other resets it. This kind of feature is helpful if you want to go for a run, if you are on a meeting, or if you are at the middle of presentation. You are not just aware of the time but you also know how to pace yourself in front of others so that you don’t take up too much of their time.


It has been discussed that watches have many different functions. There are rubber watches that immediately indicate that it is okay for sports use such as running, jogging, or any activities that are strenuous. And then there are those that you wear on special occasions. Such wristwatches determine a man or so they say. A suit is not complete without the company of a great watch. This is why many watch manufacturers focus on releasing high-end or premium watches in order to attract more consumers who are leaning towards buying Asian 2813 Movement watches to signify their social status. After all, a classy watch makes a fine gentleman.

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