Things to know when travelling to Singapore

Posted by Racheal Jones
February 7, 2018

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On the world map, Singapore seems like another tiny island state in Asia, but it’s a paradise bursting with life and culture, one which needs to be experienced to be felt. Like its neighbour country Malaysia, Singapore boasts a diverse assortment of religions, languages and cultures.

  • Commuting is fun: Right from the moment you step out of your plane and walk through the Changi Airport, you’ll see that there are some well-maintained, elegant corners in this country. Then walk out and hop on a taxi. Cabs are mostly cheap even for foreign tourists. As the sun goes down, one can book a berth at a boat in Clarke Quay to have a hearty dinner and spend the night. Floating on the boat with the city lights adorning the night can surely make one excited. With cheap domestic flights, cheap taxis, cheap AC trains to wander all over the city, what else is there to worry about?
  • Become an aquatic creature for some time: An important component of the Singapore experience is to relax at the beaches. A beach holiday package is a must. Changi, Lazarus Island, Palawan and Sentosa are the names of just a few of the various beaches which adorn the coastline of Singapore. Sentosa, in particular, might be the most popular one as it also has a Universal Studios Amusement Park. Another exhilarating thing to tick off your bucket list is to swim in the Infinity Pool. This is a colossal pool on the roof of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. This results in a great view of the wonder that Singapore City is.
  • You can have light walks and safaris in a variety of parks: Along with the urban jungle roars, Singapore got its share of nature’s quiet hums too. If you wish to have a joyful tour with the family, Singapore Zoo is a must. Hort Park and Pasir Ris Town Park are some green spaces to have a good stroll and feel calm. And if you wish to see the perfect blend of nature and modern construction, head to “Gardens by the Bay”.
  • Enjoy the Singapore Arts Festival: The Singapore Arts Festival is an annual event out here. If you are in Singapore when the festival is in progress, don’t miss out on this extravaganza of dance, theatre, music, stunts and visual arts. Each edition has a particular theme, and the whole city is in the mood of merry-making. The occasion is so renowned that majority of acts now are by foreign artists. Experiencing the biggest festival in Singapore is bound to create unforgettable memories.

These are the few things to know while breathing a fresh whiff of Singaporean air and embarking on a memorable journey in the land of the Merlion.

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