This 23-Year-Old Is Bringing A World Of Difference In Hundreds Of Lives Through Poetry

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February 12, 2018

Siddhartha, often known as Gautam Buddha was not personally affected by any evils or sorrows of the world. But his will to change these very things is what makes him different. Looking at old age homes, the homeless, or anyone who is going through a sad phase in their lives, I often feel like lending a helping hand. And I often fail to do anything. But almost a year ago, I read about Sameer Khan. And it gave me the will to look at what can happen if we start doing things. The results may not always be tangible as we call them in the practical sense. But when they light up faces, we can never equate them to anything else in the world.

Sure Buddha, Gandhi, Mandela, King, Teresa have done a lot of selfless things and at great scales. But looking at the scale of trouble they have gone through in their lives, people often draw themselves back from sacrificing anything. Anything at all. This is exactly where Sameer enters, and many others like him who change little things that change the world around them. The metaphorical Diwali that people like him celebrate every day, is the idea of humanity. And we should all strive towards that.

Sameer is associated with NGOs and health associations, and he simply narrates stories at old age homes, talks about life at blind schools on invitations, writes healing poems for people who are hospitalized and are suffering from deadly diseases and are on the verge of leaving this planet. What he calls the eery edge perhaps.

Recently, he started few initiatives which include the collaboration of writers and a psychiatrist to fight against depression.

“Writing has always been my passion and I have been fortunate enough to publish a book, named Eery Edges. This book is all about emotions and feelings, which one finds too difficult to crack or express it to others.”

Sameer has dedicated this book to the people who are suffering from clinical depression and anxiety.

He always wanted to bring change in the society and spread love through his words. So he started a few poetry series on Facebook. The most remarkable of all is dedicated to the individual life of LGBT people. He has named it the Lore of Rainbows, where he describes LGBT individual’s life in the form of poetry, and adds a happy story and shows the world that they are as beautiful as all of us.

He has taken up a few initiatives to contribute his part in making this living place better:

1. Collaborations With Psychiatrists

He believes that depression is something which dictates the victim as a ruler and chokes the soul. Not every person can interpret depression in the correct way. In order to ‘save lives’ of people suffering from depression, He has taken this initiative to heal their mental chaos with his words and also help them relieve physical pain through a psychiatrist. “There are people who tell me that my words reverberate their condition,” so he thought why not help them to fight depression by supporting them and letting them know that they aren’t the lone sufferers, and they need to survive.

2. Warriors Of Art

This is a unique initiative which fulfils the purpose of literature and art, i.e. beautify people’s lives. He has started this initiative where several ‘warriors’ visit places where happiness finds it tough to arrive, like old age homes, orphanages, etc. to supply them their share of happiness through art, by reciting eccentric and comical poems. They also organize lunches for them in restaurants. This initiative also includes friends from LGBT community.

“Listen, stop fighting so hard. For the people who don’t care. Stop caring too much. Stop getting hurt. Life is too cruel. Love is the only thing which will keep us going. Yet, stop loving too much. Look inside, instead. Look for yourself. Give time to yourself. To think, imagine, and explore the strength of your mind. For your mind is powerful, beyond your imaginations. It has the capability to find answers in life, the questions which can’t be answered otherwise. You might like a well-structured, well-planned tour, but at the end, unplanned road trips, climbing mountains, running across the random seashores is where you find the true happiness. Sometimes, getting lost, helps you find yourselves.”

His future plan is to create a national record in February when in a single day, writers from different cities across India, will perform informally at old age homes, orphanages and special schools to spread the message how art can change the world and make it a beautiful place to be in.

Life is his biggest inspiration, he asked me if I have ever seen tides of the ocean, it comes and slides through the ground no matter if its flat or uneven it just flows and makes and it even and goes back. Similarly, life gives you many opportunities as well failures to make it even. What you can do is amplify your success to help others.

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