Top 6 terms of Modern Dating you should definitely know…

Posted by Vitamin Stree in Health and Life, Specials
February 19, 2018

Confused with all the terms associated with dating in the 21st century? Don’t fret… ‘cause Vitamin Stree, a female-centric YouTube channel, has come up with an A-Z guide to Modern Dating. It’s a quirky take on the messy world of love and relationships.

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Here are a few of our favourites –

1. Deep-Liking

Having someone dig up your awful pictures when puberty still hadn’t hit you? Argh…

2. Ghosting

Ghosted someone or been ghosted? Most of us are familiar with this one…

3. Layby

Hooking up just to while your time away…

4. QDP

How awkward is this one…

5. R-Bombed

This one has been the cause of several hours of contemplation, double-guessing and self-doubt.

6. Umm Friend

Whether you deny it or you don’t… We’ve all had our fair share of these.


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