Tudor Black Bay Replica Review

Posted by Time Swiss Shop
February 20, 2018

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When the genuine Tudor Black Bay was released, people eventually start going crazy for this new timepiece. Not long after, several local markets had already manufactured a replicated one to cater to those who cannot afford to buy the authentic and genuine one. Because the Tudor Black Bay replica has been a big hit in the market, many reviews from all over the Internet were released in order to let others know how this replicated one differs from the original. After all, who does not like vintage watches to complete their style?


If you are into vintage watches, Tudor replicas are known to put a little hint of old school design to maintain its elegance and sophistication. However, the difference with this style is that it has a full-blown elements that constitute what a vintage watch is. You may consider this as a present from god because if you are so into timepieces or vintage watches, this Tudor Black Bay is just the right watch for you.

Unified Style

Another thing to consider in this replica is that its style is highly unified. With bronze materials as its casing, it poses an impression of solidity and sturdiness. The bezel clicks are also made up of bronze. With the size of 43mm diameter, the largeness of this watch is exactly at par with the booming watch industry. The bronze character of the watch does not only make it appear as if it is stainless steel. There are other mixtures of colors and designs, which make the watch, come out as sleek and fine. Another good thing with this watch is that its distinct design already defines your taste in watch, and at times, your personality.


One good thing about this replica is that the engravings look original and genuine that makes it harder for other people to distinguish whether or not the watch is genuine.

Brown Dial

With the bronze touch of the case, the brown dial perfectly matches the case. It contains green colored lume on hands and markers. The markers are split into dots. With its color that is highly likely comparable to bronze, its dial printings and minute scales, the hands and hour markers, and many other features makes the replicated and genuine watches look uniform. Though you can say that the dial is simple, it is enough to satisfy the vintage dreams of every watch lovers.


When we talk about the watch’s band, you will notice that it has authentic brown leather with two layers. The first layer is brown and the second is black. There is also a hand stitch of brown color with the strap having 7 holes. Even if it is replicated, the band is pure genuine leather and is hand-stitched which makes it even more identical to the original one. The buckle was engraved with word “TUDOR”. It is smooth and it is roundly brushed. There are also no unnecessary materials in the watch, which makes it really comfortable to wear and use.

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