Use Of words

Posted by Madhuri Chakraborty
February 4, 2018

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One of the real things which is made and manufactured in India are slangs and languages. With a devastating population, speaking in 22 major languages, with 13 different scripts and 720 dialects make us a part of diversity. Adding to this phenomenal phonetic phenomenon of poems, epics, and verses, we come over some authentic creation of human brains. Without grand contribution of literature, or without the grammar or phrases, masses have made a knack with slangs to kill their frustration and stress. The society has got so advanced and developed that you can find a way to come over all your drastic problems with filth and pessimism waving out from your mouth and greeting people to show either your hatred or prove your humor. That’s kinda cool as it is difficult to survive in a place filled with hooligans and it’s a brilliant tactic to prove yourself one to compete them. Not just this, I tell you, you have to be conscious and vulgar enough to strike your opponents emotions to prove them that they should better not take you for granted, slit their ears with an arrow of abusive words with a bow adding the female folks of the household. Make it sound as bitter and rude as possible Ss this is the only way you can nail the enmity with your superiority. If you try to be non violent verbally, then be ready to get a kick of slangs hitting you right and left and mind that they would surely be directing your mother or sister. Life is tougher if you have not grasped the talent of pronouncing the pleasure giving violence and memorized them to get your next generation trained to this purposive heredity. Ya, it might sound fascinating when the child next door comes to your house calling out your child with exact accuracy of slangs and you smiling back with a pat on their back with a keen satisfaction. One you make the fault of behaving politely, you are the fragrance of wisdom and you won’t be tolerated that’s for sure. Become like them to match up with their standards and survive in this tranquil place on earth. If you do not want to become a victim of not being called a struggling etiquette entity and a model of values, then gather a back of becoming violent and abusive enough to plan a revenge in this adverse world of creation. Just justify yourself with the utmost violent words by hurting all the ones who have ever made you feel bad and provoked you. The matter has been a topic of conspiracies and with utter knowledge of analysis and psychology, it is determined that no bad word ever raised good revolution but has bought droughts in the future of a country and its people. If words were so casual, then the authorities of the land could have posted and preached violence in the speeches.

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