Verbal Abuse

Posted by Nandita Gupta
February 6, 2018

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Good vibes to the reader.🙂

Since this a platform which raises up the voice of today’s youth, so I am here to share a simple message with you all. Its rather a humble request…🙂

Today’s youth as we all know is far modern that the youth which was used to be 5-10 years ago. We are smart enough, intelligent enough to judge what’s right and what’s wrong for us.

But when it comes to the use of words what happens to us? We all know half of us extol our ‘swag’ using the language and ‘Selective words’ which we often find so very cool.

Most of us are like- As every sentence goes we start with a mild one(abuse ha) “Abey sa*le…..”  Then while we reach the middle of conversation “Sa*la bohot ba*ch**i  ….” And in the end we end up speaking all the varieties of it.

Yes. Okay we don’t mean it. But halt! And think what meaning is carries?

Now a days it’s has become a trend to call “mother*uc***”,,, “sister*uc***”.

Guys and even girls please look it has absolutely nothing to do with the one who speaks. But all it has to do is with the one whom you are referring and secondly your sister or any of your female relatives may be.

You never know what other person may take it as a token of revenge and he/she might set ablaze his/her fire of revenge against you…And when you use such kind of words…The revenge is taken NOT from you but the one about ‘whom’ you abuse I.e. “Mother… Sister”.

And rare but it’s true and we all know that crimes are not only done with women but with men too nowadays. Acceptance is necessary here.

And secondly I think we all should know that these things do not match our status as a youth- as “the pillars” of this world and the upcoming scenario of this world.

We all know and should know that These words and grammar is just too low to be there on our tongues.

Have a great day my dear friends! Hope I was able to convey the gist of the matter. If you really consider it worthy I am greatly thankful to you.😊


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