Video: Memories Of Dawki, The Hidden Gem Of Meghalaya

Posted by Tarun Bora in Video
February 22, 2018

After a five and half hours tiring journey by road from Guwahati, through the lush green hills and mountains and the winding road of Meghalaya, when you find yourself amidst the comforting waterfall views and cloud-capped landscapes, you realise that you have reached Dawki.

Dawki is a small town, nearly 83 kms away from Shillong and is considered as one of the hidden gems of Meghalaya and most visited tourist destinations in northeast India.

With the breathtaking natural beauty of this town sandwiched between the international borders of India and Bangladesh and tucked away between hillocks is the quaint village of Dawki, this hill station is best known for its green river and the boat ride that brings every tourist so close to nature.

However, there is still a lot of scope for strategic planning and tourism promotion which may help Dawki become the tourist hotspot in south-east Asia.

Take a look at this travel video that explores the beauty of Dawki from close distance and gives you a visual treat of this amazing hill station that you may want to visit in your next weekend break.