Virat..”the king” kohli

Posted by Abhinav Raja in Specials
February 5, 2018

Whenever someone talks about sports in India , the first thing he receives back is the sport’s  name which is not just a sport here , rather is a sort of religion in India -cricket.

Now if someone is related to the sport there won’t be any person who wouldn’t be knowing the name of the star player -Virat kohli. Virat at present is the best batsman in the whole cricketing arena amongst all the best batsman of the fav. five (ABD, Joe root, Steven Smith, Kane williamson and obviously virat kohli). His passion for the nation and the sport is just unbelievable. People treat Sachin Tendulkar as the god of cricket which he is by all means but the records established by Sachin are being chashed by this youngster at a rapid pace and Virat is even expected to break them soon. Talking about the batting aspect ,it’s just pure class and is a soothing sensation to the eyes as when he bats it feels so easy to see. His shots specially the cover drive is something that one can pay millions to watch them over and over again . The way he leans to ball of spinners while playing the drive is too good to watch .

Often referred as an aggressive player he is a different personality altogether, a perfect combination of aggression, talent, will power and every other aspect of being the best player.  Being stated as an aggressive player , it can be understood as one needs to have that much aggression to lead the best side in the world as captain. Now if someone is associated with a sport ,criticism is something that an athlete gets used to in his career. Virat was even not untouched by it . He was constantly criticized on some low scores and the whole blame was put over his wife and the Bollywood actress Anushkha sharma. Now if someone himself is blamed for his failure to , he can take it but like if you blame blame the family members it hampers an athlete and affects not just his mental state but also costs his career. But we ain’t talking about a normal player like any other, he is Virat Kohli. The way he answered those trollers by both his bat and also the words was really appreciable.

Virat is often referred as a trend setter as his stylish outfits are being followed by youngsters and they set him as their idols. Youngsters follow his looks and his batting style too. He is such a humble person and a great patriot as when he is on the field he is just there to play the sport . His dedication and obviously determination to the sport is really appreciable. While playing he just has one thing in mind that is -he is there to play for the nation and the people who want to see him playing and nothing else. He us definitely a true sportsman and an inspiring personality .