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Want Some Thrilling Experience? Hop on the Thriller Ride with These Books

Posted by Lokeshvari Parmar
February 28, 2018

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Are you an introvert person? If yes, then I am sure I know the name of your best friend. Books, yes, they are the best mate of the introvert persons. No, I am not saying the extrovert is not the readers, but they are much of the talkers. So, are you one of those book bugs looking to eat something that makes your hair stand on end? If yes, this is the right place to look for. Let me take you on a thrilling trip, not a road trip, a reader’s trip. Here is a list of thriller books that is going to give you goosebumps on your hands, and expressions like Oh shit, OMG, Really, this can’t happen and much more. If you are looking for some twisted thriller books to dig your eyes into, read this post and know which one interests you more. If you find any of these interesting, you can buy the book right away from Amazon app. So, let’s get started with our thrilling journey.

1) Those Who Wish Me Dead

Undoubtedly one of the high rated novels by Michael Koryta. This is about a boy who witnessed a nasty murder and then diverted into a new life with a new identity and added to a program for the problematic kids. The entire idea is to stay off the police when they spot the other two killers. It was an initiation to a nightmare. The killers named Blackwell Brother killed all those who try to reach the boy. This is a weird fact, as there were many who wanted to kill the boy, but none of them were alive. So, yes, this was the twist in the tale, the boy who was under the threat to be killed is alive and all those who intended to kill him got killed.

Availability: If you liked the preface of the book, you can get it on the Amazon app. Kindle is available for Rs.276.71 and hardcover is available for Rs.383.80.

2) Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn, the mastermind behind the thriller novel. The novel was published in the year 2012 by Crown Publishing Group and looking forward to the success and popularity movie was also made and it was a massive hit. The story revolves around a wife disappearing and intentionally keeping the hints behind that portrays the husband to be guilty. However, she gets robbed and gets trapped by her ex-boyfriend whom she managed to kill and gets back to her husband with a false story to be pregnant. She had a grudge against her husband for having an extramarital affair and hence she does all this to trap him up. But, things went wrong and I will not spoil the suspense. So, if you liked it, you better get the book and explore what happens at the end.

Availability: If the story interests you and want to read it fully, you can get the same at Rs.142.50 for the Kindle version and Rs.1292 for the hardcover using Amazon app offers.

3) The Fever

Megan Abbott, the one brain behind the book. This book became the national headlines before some years and it caused Tourette in plenty of small-town girls with some of the uncontrollable twitches and stutters, and tics. It’s a psychological illness and some sort of disorder the reason of which was unknown. However, this spread like a fever among the group of young girls and also to one their parents who was a teacher in the same school. The author here wants to portray that just like some viral infection, fear can spread way too much easier and if not cured in a timely manner can cause some serious injuries.

Availability: If ‘The Fever’ gave you the fever to read then hit the Amazon and get it for Rs.317.80 the kindle edition and Rs.1028 for the hardcover.  

4) The Girl with the Gifts

The thriller Sci-fi which is written by M.R.Carey, a commendable one and must read one. The story revolves around a 10-year girl Melanie, who is kept trapped in a military base with liberty to get out of the space only periodically. She was allowed to get out to grab grubs, get some chemical experiments, and take some classroom lessons with some other kids kept in a cell just like her. She was totally in the dark why she is living this way like a prisoner. Well, one fair day she lets loose and she comes to know why she was living this way. She discovered she had some gifts, but also discovers not all the gifts are good. The story involves some rigorous fights, chases, tests of self-control, some bloodshed, inhuman creatures and much more. You will have to read the book to know what gifts she had and what she did with them.  

Availability: Liked the preface? Want to explore what happened? The Kindle version is available on the Amazon for Rs.235.60 and the hardcover is available for Rs.1492.    

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