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What are some offbeat MBA specializations?

Posted by Jessica Parker
February 20, 2018

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If you are someone who enjoys learning about international happenings and the way business is conducted worldwide, you should strongly consider taking up a course in international business. The world’s economy is increasingly global. Studying international business will give you the insights you need to understand global economic and business climates. Some of the best colleges in Pune offer specializations in international business. These institutions also encourage students to take up a foreign language to complete an overseas study or an internship experience. An example of one such institute is Symbiosis Institute Of International Business (SIIB), a highly ranked college for MBA in international business management.

Having completed a course in international business prepares students to take up positions across public, private and non-profit sectors, for example in government, business and international agencies.

With the rapidly changing global environment and evolution of technologies, importance of another sector has grown: the energy sector.

Management decisions in the energy sector demand a deep understanding of this sector’s technical, entrepreneurial, economic and legal features. Climate, economic and political change, all shape and limit chances and opportunities in this sector. This has made energy management a complex, fast-paced field that seeks new solutions to be delivered by highly skilled and appropriately trained individuals.

MBA in energy management in India, not only covers the latest insights in energy management issues, but also exposes students to the challenges this sector is facing today which prepares and shapes them to take up leading roles in the industry they will become part of in the future. This course enables students to apply theories of management to global energy markets and energy trading. They develop an understanding of the financial workings of energy management and how to successfully navigate and market within this industry.

After completing an MBA in Energy Management, students can find jobs in fields of consulting, analysis, and research as well as project management.

They would have the chance to work in energy trading companies and global energy markets as well.

We hope this article helped you, if you are looking to pursue a management course with a unique specialization!

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