What do you need to know while applying for Schengen Visa?

Posted by Trisha Williams
February 22, 2018

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The Schengen visa enables the holder to travel to one or more Schengen Zone countries. Some of these countries include Austria, Greece, Germany, Italy, and Hungary. The visa enables you to enter all these countries. If you are travelling to more than one member countries then while applying for the Schengen visa, it is best to apply to the Embassy of the country, you will be staying for most of your trip.

What do you need to know while applying for Schengen Visa?

Here are the tips for the visa application; you need to keep in mind before you book your flight tickets to Schengen.

  • You must apply for your visa 15 days prior to the departure since that is the amount of time; the Embassy needs to process your application. First, you need to fill out the application form for the Schengen visa.The form consists of the personal details about the individual. Make sure; you fill the form correctly with every detail. You can apply for Schengen visa online  and download the application form from the internet
  • Once you have filled out the application form, make sure you collect the required documents needed for the Schengen visa. You will be required to submit the following documents:-
  • Passport size photographs, with white background showing your complete face
  • Your original passport which must have a validity of three months
  • Copies of all the visas you have applied for in order to travel to other countries.
  • Medical insurance with a minimum cover as specified by the embassy
  • Copies of your flight tickets and hotel reservations
  • Copy of your Income tax returns
  • An appointment letter of your legal job in your hometown proving that you have a job to come back to
  • Proof of legal entity of a company- this encompasses our ID or PPF account details.
  • A leave letter from your job claiming that the company has sanctioned your leave during the specified time period.
  • If you have your own company then the bank statements, registration documents and tax returns of your own company to be attached.
  • You can get a Schengen Visa as a visitor where you are visiting a friend or a relative or as a tourist for leisure purposes. The above procedure is common for both the visas.
  • After this, an interview would be conducted with you with regards to the visa application. You must submit your application form and the above-mentioned documents in person during your interview. Some of the questions that might be asked during the interview include:-
  • The countries you are planning to visit
  • Whether you have any relatives or friends living in Schengen
  • The period and the purpose of your stay
  • Your marital status and whether you have any kids
  • Answer the interview questions with honesty and confidence. After you have qualified the interview, you will get your visa to Schengen. Thus, make sure you apply for the Schengen visa and visit many countries. Book your flight tickets and enjoy your holiday at Schengen.

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