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What you need to know about Suresafe Alarm for your elderly relative

Posted by Personal Alarms
February 20, 2018

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Suresafe is a Telecare and Assistive Technology Company that builds alarms for the elderly in UK. With these alarms the elderly can live independently with dignity in own homes. The alarms can be connected to a 24 hour monitoring service that will get a message if there is an emergency or the elderly gets a stroke or has a fall.

The aim of the company was to provide the best service and products at affordable price to all. Their goal is to provide the elderly safety and security in their homes with innovative alarms. When you buy a personal alarm with SureSafe you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

What does SureSafe Offer?

SureSafe is a company that builds highest quality alarms in UK, USA and Australia which can be bought by the elderly online. They can be easily self- installed so there is no additional cost. With the best quality alarm at cost-effective price the elderly feel quite safe to continue with their normal life.

Pendant alarm is an excellent tool to take care of the well-being and health of the elderly in Britain. They may be times when the elderly are alone and not able to reach the phone to call for help. Suresafe understands the predicament of the elderly and has press button alarm system which can be used as a pendant or on the wrist with a band and connected to a round the clock monitoring system which charges a small fee quarterly. The alarm comes with 12 month warranty from International Emergency Alarms Device Company.

Saga Personal Alarm

Saga Personal Alarm is a subscription service that offers the elderly in the UK with personal alarms. The personal alarms from Saga help the elderly to get immediate help when they require it. It will also keep the family members who are nominated informed. Saga’s aim is to reassure the family member of the elderly that they will be there at all times to help in an emergency.

The Personal Alarm consists of a wristband or pendant which is used on a chain round the neck. Whenever there is an emergency they have to press the panic button which will connect them with the 24 hour monitoring service what will know who is contacting and where they live. They will contact the nominated family member at the earliest.

Lifeline Alarm Service

Lifeline Alarm can be bought on the website or can be ordered by phone and will be delivered free the next day. It can be easily connected to the socket of the telephone and the power socket before pressing the red button for testing. The test team will respond to the call and will confirm that everything is working well. The elderly person can press the button anytime during the day or night when he needs help.

The Lifeline alarm consists of two parts,the base unit Lifeline Vi Alarm and MyAmie Pendant. When the alarm is installed it can be used as a necklace or a on the wrist on a elasticated strap.


So, if you want to make sure that your elderly relative is safe at all times whether day or night have a SureSafe Alarm installed which can be used as a necklace or on a wristband. Visit for the best alarm at cost-effective price to meet your needs.

SureSafe Alarms

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