Which is better gender

Posted by Shrabani
February 15, 2018

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When I was pregnant with my child, I would think about what gender would be better. I asked this question to many people and most of them gave me the same reply. They said that girls are far better than boys and only a few of them said that girls and boys are equally good.

Anyway, a general perception is that girls are far better than boys because daughters are apparently more  obedient. They listen to their parents and teachers. Daughters are emotionally matured and better at handling relationship s.When they grow up they love their parents more and make themselves available for their parents whenever needed.Teachers always say that the girls are never rowdy and more studious and perform better in exams.

These things made me feel very proud.After all I am a woman myself.I have been an obedient wife and a person considered to be emotionally strong enough to keep all the members of my family together.

If women are really the better gender why are all offices full of inferior gender?You step out of your house and you will see most of the vehicles on the road are driven by people of the inferior gender.Why is our parliament full of men who are supposedly inferior to women in all walks of life?My father never seeked permission from anyone before going to a party.

I am not a “feminazi”and I don’t want to claim that women are better than men.I would like to propose that women are are as good as men or only as bad as them.Women have right to step out their home .They have right to have an independent thought process.They have full right to be in full control of their own bodies and actions.When women are as good as men then women should be seen everywhere in equal numbers as men.Once women are more than 18 years of age they should be allowed to do things the way they wish to do Actually question of allowing should itself not arise.

The general perception in the society keeps women at a higher pedestal in than men when it comes to play with words.But in reality being a woman is actually considered inferior! Despite being less rowdy and more obedient women are supposed to “behave” in a certain manner that the society and her family have chosen for them.I want  women to realise that patriarchal ideas have brainwashed them into believing that they are better than men.

No women are not better than men.Hence women should break the shackles and come out in the mainstream and express themselves.Women should speak their mind and assert their individuality.

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