Why Cuss Words Shouldn’t Be Tolerated As “A Matter Of Choice”

Posted by D'ipanjenah Ali Ghoshal in Society, Specials
February 23, 2018

It is true that the world is filled with all kinds of people. All with their own set of views and opinions, languages and beliefs, ideologies and psyche. All of it shapes their personalities and influences the way they carry themselves in social situations. While it is natural for all of these differences to clash, a civilized society demands tolerance and respect for the contradictions and independence. But how far is it justified to give or demand that respect?

Let’s not get in too deep and focus on the issue I’ve been debating over with people I meet – cuss words. For me, the moment a person starts talking filth, it’s a huge turn off and particularly when that filth is in a certain language. I’m often questioned as to why I am still tolerant towards terms like “jerk”, “moron” or even the F-word sometimes and why I get so furious when someone uses cuss words in languages like Hindi for instance. Here’s an explanation!
Just compare the meanings of the most popular cuss words in Hindi and English. When you say the F-word, it’s a gender-neutral term. It simply means “Fornication under the consent of the king” if we are to go by history and even the literal meaning of the term is nothing more than sex. Now, the moment you say its Hindi equivalent, you’re insulting a woman’s genitals! I miss the time I didn’t understand these Hindi meanings. Unfortunately, people have now translated those to me and it fills me with disgust.
Let me put it this way. The hindi C-word is a reference to not just f*** but it’s literally more of a reference to someone fond of a woman’s genitals. So does that mean that a woman’s genitals are something to look down upon? Is it so that being fond of them reduces you in some way or makes you foolish? Why use it to create an insulting term? What makes me even sadder is women themselves using these cuss words in the name of “boldness”.
That is why every time you use that cuss word openly, thinking it’s cool, no matter who you direct it at, I take a personal offence. Similarly, why use terms like motherf****r or it’s equivalent in any other language? Why demean women for no reason? Why refer to anybody’s mother or sister or daughter and say that it’s cool? Because if anything, it’s misogynistic in more ways than one.
So, the next time you use these disgusting words and lose your temper at my reaction, ask yourselves why there aren’t any cuss words where men or their genitals are insulted!
Saying that it’s a matter of choice is not applicable in this case. That way being a misogynist too is a matter of choice. That doesn’t mean such choices deserve to be defended or respected!