Why I Had A Sudden Emotional Outburst After Sridevi’s Death

Posted by Aparajita Sinha in Culture-Vulture
February 26, 2018

It was 9 am and I was on the Baidyanath Dham express and took my seat after some struggle with the crowd. After settling comfortably, my hands automatically reached towards my tablet.

When I saw the news, my face became pale and my heart froze as I announced Sridevi’s death to my friends who were also sitting in the same compartment. In the hustle-bustle of leaving, nobody actually had the time to scroll through their news feed. So, I was the first person to know among our group and was the one to inform my friends.

As expected, everyone’s face went as pale as mine. Even the other people who heard me telling the news to my friends were aghast. I clicked on the link listed below to read the reason behind her sudden demise. Suddenly, a thought came to me – why the hell was I mourning so much when I knew almost nothing about her, and was not even her fan?

There wasn’t really an answer to my question, or maybe there was. Perhaps my subconscious mind had developed a liking for her when I was a kid. I watched a lot of her movies. I guess certain people leave a huge impact on our brain. She had left her impact too. I thought she was a versatile actress. I know it’s a cliched statement to make, but I felt like she was a sparkling star lost in the dark sky.

Later, I switched the TV on only to realise that I was not the only one who was sad. Every channel was talking about it. Everyone was giving their condolences in their own way. Channels were showing her life history and entertainment channels were showing her movies.

I wanted to do my part too, so I am now sitting on my couch and writing about her. But the irony is that I barely know anything about her to be able to write. But I am not writing this article just for the sake of writing. I am writing it because I feel her unavoidable influence upon me, and I feel my heart ache when I think about never being able to experience her beauty. This also makes me realise that I haven’t done enough to create my mark on someone’s soul to be remembered forever.