Why Rolex GMT Master Ceramic is Reasonably Expensive

Posted by Time Swiss Shop
February 26, 2018

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Many people are asking why Rolex is such an expensive brand. If you want some premium watch, you will definitely hear people recommending Rolex. Several Rolex watches such as GMT Master Ceramic and many others are even replicated because of its growing demand in the market. But you should know that Rolex watches are expensive for a reason and such reasons will help you understand that Rolex is not just about the status symbol of the person. It is expensive because it is just as amazing as we expect a high-end watch to be.

Machine Steel

Rolex watches are known to have used difficult and pricey machine steel because it makes the watch look better. If you are a watch lover and you like the idea of having owned a watch that is distinct and different from other watches out there, then Rolex is for you. Stainless steel varies for each watch and the most common stainless steel used by several brands is 316L. Rolex watches, on the other hand, use 904L steel that is rare and seldom used by other watch manufacturing. 904L is also more complicated; hence, their watches are made in-house. It demands skill and special tools and that makes it even more challenging for other manufacturers to keep up with Rolex.

Hand-assembled and Tested

Yes, you read that right. Rolex are not machine-made. It produces its watches by hands and you might not have heard much about it because Rolex does not like to talk much about how the watches are made. Of course, Rolex uses machine to process the watch and it uses the most articulate and meticulous machineries there are in the watch industry. Machines handle the filing, cataloging, sorting, and many other tasks that do not need much of human supervision. However, the hands of expert technicians do the rest of the process. This only means that with Rolex’s sophistication on how it produces its watches, the quality is still top-notch.

They Make Their Own Gold

Again, you read that right. They have their in-house foundry that makes their gold. And this does not just involve gold; it also involves platinum as well. Rolex’s gold comes in 24 karat and the gold is turned into white, yellow, or even rose gold. Have you ever heard of other watch manufacturer that makes their gold? It is said that only Rolex has been known to produce their gold in-house.


Rolex has invested so much when it comes to its technology. They believe that there is other things that machine cannot do and vice versa. Hence, they came up with a technique where both machine and humans manufacture the watch altogether to come up with the best quality. Rolex has invested in technology to the point that there are robots that assist in assembling the watches. What most people do in the process is that they monitor that everything is functioning well and such production is going smooth. Parts of Rolex are first created by machine and hands polish the end parts of Rolex.

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