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I Was Harassed On Republic Day And Yet, No One Helped

Posted by Anonymous in Sexism And Patriarchy, Society
February 6, 2018

I’m a woman from Warangal. I’m here to share the worst experience that has ever happened to me. Even trying to explain this is bizarre. But I don’t want anybody else to face my situation.

My parents, along with my son and I, had gone shopping to a nearby area. We found a small place where I could park my car. My son and my father were in the car while my mother and I shopped. We came back and it was time to return home. I was reversing my car out of the area. There was a lot of traffic in the area. Despite honking several times, a person managed to get hit by the car and fell down.

I immediately tried opening the door to apologise for what had happened. However, the person had already opened the door before me. He tried to strangle me by the neck and slapped me over five times. I kept screaming, “Sorry uncle!” He even tried pulling my dad’s hand and tried to hit him. But in these few minutes, the place had gotten very crowded and no one from my car could step out. I insisted to my dad that I should go out and get the bike’s number. But he held my hand and wouldn’t let me go. He was scared that that person would hit me again.

By then, the person had fled the place and I couldn’t find him later. But I wanted an answer for what had happened. I went to the police station and filed a complaint, hoping that the police would trace him. I would like to know what led him to hit me. Please note that he hadn’t even received a scratch on his body or his bike. If some stranger just opens your car door and starts hitting you, I’m not sure I know how to react.

This Republic Day, the whole country was celebrating – but there are still people (like this man) who can’t even tolerate women or treat them with respect.

I’m shattered and I’ve no words to explain my pain.

I don’t want to hit him if I get to meet him. I want to know why he hit me. Perhaps it could’ve been solved in a nicer way. He had fallen due to the car striking him – that was my mistake, I agree. But while I was reversing, I was also honking continuously and he could have just waited for another 5-10 seconds like everyone else. And irrespective of my apologies, he kept slapping me furiously and abused me using filthy language.

My three-year-old son was crying. He couldn’t bear to see someone just randomly hitting his mother. I feel shattered. I didn’t think I had enough strength to write this but many people are using social media these days and I thought sharing my account might help in some way.

I seriously wish someone had helped me note down his number. But the crowd was busy watching.

Please respond if something like this happens in your neighbourhood.

A suggestion: maybe don’t open your car’s doors or windows if something like this happens. Try to call someone immediately if you’re alone. If you’re not alone, ask someone from your car to get down and speak, especially if you’re with children. And call the police immediately.

PS: Please share this story in groups and everywhere else. He must be on WhatsApp or Facebook. Let’s see how he escapes.