5 Inspiring Speakers You Should Meet This International Women’s Day

Posted by Josh Talks in Culture-Vulture, Inspiration, Video
March 7, 2018

At first glance of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2017 cover, the absence of Tarana Burke – a black activist and founder of the Me Too Movement who coined the phrase “Me Too” 12 years ago to combat the silence over sexual violence – is conspicuous.

The catchphrase was misattributed to American Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano when she took to Twitter to encourage women to share their stories of sexual harassment. A large number of Twitter users hit back at media outlets for crediting white women for the work and “wokeness” of women of colour (WOC).

In the present day and age, the struggles and triumphs of WOC need to be documented and addressed more than ever before. We’ve rounded up a list of five “Josh Talks” speakers you should know of and celebrate in light of International Women’s Day.

1. Sheetal Jain 

From a bar dancer’s daughter to a drummer, watch how Sheetal Jain fought regressive social norms and trauma of sexual abuse to get a scholarship in Washington DC.

2. Chandni 

Watch how Chandni, a street kid-turned-editor of Balaknama newspaper is highlighting issues such as child marriage and giving sidelined young people a voice.

3. Babita Phogat 

This Josh Talk by Dangal girl Babita Phogat describes how a woman broke through the struggles of growing up in an Indian family and got an Olympic medal for India.

4. Sheelika Ravishankar 

Watch Sheelika Ravishankar, the People Lead at “Team Indus”, reinforce the power of dreaming big, especially when you can have your name carve upon the moon.

5. Sofia Ashraf 

Kodaikanal Won’t fame, Sofia Ashraf, in this powerful and persuasive Josh Talk speaks about standing up against social injustices.