6 Phenomenal Women Who Remind Us That #GirlPower Is Here To Stay

Posted by Josh Talks in Video
March 7, 2018

Two years ago, Delhi University student Gurmehar Kaur was trolled and harassed online for holding a handwritten placard in a video that read: “Pakistan did not kill my father, war did.”

The above-mentioned instance illustrates the foregrounding of the contemporary Indian women’s movement in activism. Blogging platforms like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube today represent a complex and contradictory hypertextual space that enable women to become active producers of their own social and cultural worlds. Combining the power of storytelling and social media, we’ve compiled a list of Josh Talks by 5 phenomenal women who redefine #GirlPower.

1. Natasha Noel

Watch Natasha Noel talk about self-love as an act of revolution and resistance against society’s stereotypes.

2. Dr. Divya Gupta

Watch how Indore-based gynecologist Dr. Divya Gupta sparked a revolution for 75,000 women against molestation with “Jwala”.

3. Sophia

A member of Azad Foundation’s not-for-profit programme “Women on Wheels”, Sophia addresses the stereotypes surrounding women drivers.

4. ACP Manjita Vanzara

ACP Manjita Wanzara talks about how she took it upon herself to transform the Chhara community in Gujarat and helped them sustain better lifestyles.

5. Malini Agarwal

Malini Agarwal, popularly known as Miss Malini, shares her potent story of breaking into the male-dominated blogosphere.

6. Shaina NC

Shaina NC talks about breaking the political glass ceiling.