7 Tips for Planning a Healthy Lifestyle for your Kids

Posted by Emma82Lewis
March 9, 2018

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Planning a healthy lifestyle for your kids when they’re young can help them to become healthy adults. Here are seven tips for helping your kids to live more healthily:

Find Exercise They Like to Do
Exercise should be part of each and every day for your child. But to avoid it turning into a battle, find activities they like to do. Head out for a walk in the woods, go swimming, sign them up to a team sport, try out some moves at the skate park – whatever your child’s interests there’s an activity out there to suit them.

Get Outside Every Day
Getting outside every day has a number of benefits. Being out in nature can boost the immune system and improve mental health too. It also tends to go hand in hand with exercise. Walk rather than take the car whenever you can. And make sure the whole family has the gear to go outside whatever the weather. Then come rain or shine, you can all get some fresh air.

Too much clutter around the house can be a problem for the whole family. Messiness in the bedroom can make it difficult to fall asleep. And clutter around a desk can make us less productive. Encourage your kids to keep their rooms tidy. Also consider finding a storage space on a community sharing site like Spacer for any important items that aren’t needed regularly.

Eat Healthily
Eating healthily doesn’t just mean providing well-balanced and nutritious meals for your children. It means teaching them about the food they eat. Get them involved with their food. You could find fun ways for them to help prepare their meals. And give them a say in what the whole family eats. You’ll be giving them the skills they need to choose and cook healthy food for the rest of their lives.

Pick Rewards Wisely
The rewards you offer to your children will dictate what they see as desirable. If you offer video games, screen time and sugary treats, these things take on positive associations. Try to offer healthy alternatives to these types of rewards. A day out to their favourite place or a family night or a healthy snack could be equally as motivating but not as harmful to your children’s health.

Limit Screen Time
Television, computers, tablets, smartphones – we have so many screens in our homes these days. Screen time is often sedentary time. Your children are less likely to be exercising and more likely to be snacking whilst they play games, message friends or watch TV. It’s a good idea to limit their screen time. How much you choose to allow your kids will depend upon their age. But always avoid screens at meal times and just before bed. That way you can enjoy real family time as you eat and your children will be better able to drift off to sleep.

Be A Good Role Model
Your kids are much more likely to adhere to a healthy lifestyle if they see you doing the same. Try to be a good role model. Eat healthily, exercise regularly and don’t sit in front of a screen all day. Also steer clear of obsessing over your weight or appearance in front of them. When your children see you incorporating healthy living into your daily life, they see it as normal and achievable.

With rates of childhood obesity and screen use at an all-time high, parents have to work harder than ever to keep their kids healthy and happy. Planning a healthy lifestyle for your children means not taking the easy route. But it also means preparing your children for a long and healthy life.

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