An irony that gave me an idea!

March 6, 2018

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The irony is all about a perpetual problem in India on which billions of bucks are being invested.

The idea is all about how, I being the billionth of the Indian population had firmly decided to bring in a change.

There was an ecstatic young mob, celebrating and partying hard at a canteen with coke tins, chocolates and samosas being an integral part of their party like anywhere else. Exactly right adjacent to that canteen , I glanced at  a yoga center which had a strong patriotic statement written on its wall -“I LOVE MY INDIA AND I SHALL KEEP IT CLEAN”.

By the time I re-glanced at the canteen, the partying mob has left the place. The very next moment my mind was glued to this ironical situation that I was watching . On one side , there was a strong emotional statement written on India and on the other hand, the backbone of India had left the place utterly littered with coke tins and wrappers without the minimum responsibility of using the dustbin , turning it into an awful bit of place.

For once , I resented deeply with shame upon watching my fellow young Indians being so extremely callus.

Later, I soon  realized that its the ATTITUDE of the people forming the bedrock of this problem.

The attitude where no one gives a shit about using the dustbins , even after a national movement such as Swachh Bharat is trying to bring reforms in our society.

Here comes my IDEA which is simple but yet a  pragmatic one, where I try to influence the attitude of the perpetrator . The moment I observe someone littering, I follow them , hand over their wrappers  asking them to use the dustbin nearby, but this was not an easy task to practice because , where few people agreed to use the bin, few people ended up saying  with things like “its none of your business”, “look, here comes the ambassador of clean India”,” whats wrong ? everyone is doing that, so did I” and many more where I had a tough time facing them.

The happiest thing that I found out of my practice was that, majority  were willing to use the bins and realized their responsibly towards keeping this society clean .

This is how I contributed my drop of water to the ocean as I believe that every drop counts for an ocean!

This is my story of irony and idea.






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