And I Met You

Posted by Yatoo Ishfaq
March 10, 2018

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Few people we meet first time, feel like meeting each other for the purpose of our life… and  I met you… Meeting you was like coming up for fresh air, like you saved me from drowning. You saved me from myself. You helped put my broken being into one glued up individual. 
You mastered the art of patiently dealing with my tantrums, insecurities, understood quietly that I have my uncountable moods and you dealt with all of them.
Whenever I do something good, I look at you for approval. 
Whenever I find something funny, I turn to look at you to see whether you are laughing too.  
Whenever I do something bad, you correct me and guide me out of my guilt and misery.
Whenever I decide on something new, you act like a compass to show me the right direction.
I never say you are my perfect person, I know no one is perfect, not even me. But you came in my life as a beacon of hope, as a shining star, my ultimate dream.
You might not be the ideal I have always dreamed of, but I know you are much better than the rules I have kept for myself.
I know I deserve the best, and God has shown that you are nothing but the best now.
I might not be able to say this in front of you right now, hell you don’t even know I am writing this for you, but I know, one day, God-Willing, I would sit beside you, and with a shy smile, tell you all that is buried within the depths of my heart.
And believe me, that would be the best moment I am already working upon.
Some people
Never find the right kind of love
you know, the kind that steals
your breath away.
Like diving into a snowmelt.
The kind that jolts your heart,
sets it beating apace.
An anxious hiccuping of hummingbirds wings.
The kind that makes every terrible minute apart feel like hours.
Some people flit from one insane possibility to the next.
Never experiencing the connection of two people. 
Rocked by destiny.
Never knowing what it means to love someone else,
more than themselves.
More than life itself, or the promise of something better.
Beyond this world..
Lucky me, I found the right kind of love.
With the wrong person.

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