Avoid These Common Mistakes in Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

Posted by walter
March 6, 2018

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When it comes to the most preferred and used social media platform for promoting a business nowadays, everyone has their eyes set on Instagram. With nearly a billion users, Instagram promises you with a better user interaction along with the unique system of posting only visual content. While it is hard to resist the urge of solely focusing on the videos and images, you must realize how successful your branding can be on Instagram.

Instagram marketing has allowed many small startups to turn into a giant online brand. However, they all learned from their mistakes during the onset of their promotional campaign on Instagram. Here are some of the most common mistakes that marketers commit in their Instagram marketing campaign.

Incomplete Bio

When marketing experts describe the completion of the Instagram bio as a half mile covered, they are not wrong. Optimizing the given space in your Instagram profile bio segment is your one and only opportunity to tell your followers and other users about your brand’s story. Brands who fail to engage well with users on Instagram have one thing in common – not mentioning relevant and proper information in their profile bio. This keeps followers in suspicion about your brand and they reach out to your peers. However, this does not mean that you have to stuff everything in that given space. Try to keep your bio description brief, informative, and relevant.

Poor Communication with Users

This becomes very important for the success of your Instagram marketing program since you would want a huge follower base engaging with your posts. As engagement is determined by how well you serve your followers, it is important to develop an effective communication with your followers. When you find someone replying with a comment on your posts or drops a message, make sure that you respond back to them as soon as possible. Not only it will help you in increasing your popularity on Instagram, but will also establish your authority on the platform. In case you are new to Instagram, you can buy Instagram followers from a credible source and start building relationships with your followers. Responding to your followers will promote the feeling that you are concerned about your users as well.

Sharing Bad Quality Image

Instagram is defined by its unique focus on visual content. The images of your brand say a lot about who you are, what you do, and what you have for your followers. Posting low-quality images will not only hamper your brand value, but will also evoke a sense of unprofessionalism. Be very picky about the selection of the content your post on Instagram. Make sure that your images are of high-resolution and well backed up with engaging captions. If you are able to generate interest with your posts, then marketing of your brand on Instagram will become a lot easier.


Hopefully, now you are aware of the top usual mistakes to avoid while promoting your business on Instagram. Your brand influence is everything on this social media platform, so make sure that it does not get affected due to these easy-to-avoid errors.

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