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Be at your beck and call

Posted by irtikay
March 10, 2018

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I just don’t understand how ‘SC’ and ‘ST’ bear it when I being ‘Jat’ could not. Stop thinking beyond I’m not talking about untouchability. When a SC/ST child becomes an IITian or qualifies any other examination then there are just 25% truly congratulating while rest 75% gossiping that their child also could have if have been from SC/ST. People are often found questioning their ability. In the wake of eradicating untouchability government has eradicated their self esteem and has diminished the shine of their accolades. Government’s duty was to grant them equal opportunities, not to rather make them once again Un-Touchable for talented General/OBC students in the field of opportunities. In fact it’s not just the government’s fault. But also that of SC/ST people themselves who are always found begging the government for more benefits. Why don’t you believe in yourself and your skills ? If you do then why don’t you kick off this scheme of reservations. Until and unless you yourself are not gonna raise your voice against this nothing’s gonna happen. When you don’t want others to discriminate against you then how can you yourself. When you don’t like being called untouchable then how can you agree to be classified into SC/ST . Let there be no SC, ST, OBC, General but only INDIANS . Why don’t you understand that reservations rather than proving sippers to you for drinking fruity of success, are slivers in your way to self recognition. Only when you’ll respect yourself and believe in your dignity then only in true terms you’ll become what Gandhi ji wanted you to be “Harijan”. Please don’t spare you from being given equal opportunities.

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