Because It Is (Wo)Men’s Day

Posted by Jogitha Josey in Sexism And Patriarchy, Specials
March 8, 2018

Happy Women’s Day!

So happy that you give us free labour.
So happy that we have gender roles which make women solely responsible for the children and ties men down in chains of financial burden and unfair responsibility.

Happy woman’s day because it is such fun being told by the society about
What you can wear
Who you can talk to
Who you can marry
When you have children
How many children you have
What GENDER your Child will be…

Happy Women’s Day because marital rape is still legal.

Such a happy woman’s day because tampons and pads are taxed as a luxury item because, yay! Having periods is such fun. Wish men would have them too! Guys, you are really missing out… It’s like Holi in your pants!

Happy woman’s day for all the women who are single mothers and the most marginalized in the world.

Happy Women’s Day to the 2% women who are CEOs and leaders and happier men’s day for the other 98% men.

Happy Women’s Day to all the boys who are told only girls cry.

Happy Women’s Day to all the women who don’t go out after dark because it is such a joy to not be raped. Thanks bhaiyya for not raping me. It is such an honour, I feel like a Rajput.

Happy Women’s days to uncles on buses who think it was OK to fondle my ass. Of course, he deserves his happiness.

Happy Women’s Day for the time my boyfriend told me he kept quiet about his rape because his friends would ridicule him and call him a chakka.

Happy Women’s Day to women who were denied education because they don’t need it apparently. And men who were kept from education because of their father’s business, or because their family wanted them to earn.

Happy Women’s Day to women with vaginas ONLY because that’s what God intended. Transwomen don’t have the god given Aadhaar to be called women.

Happy Women’s Day because all other days are Men’s day…. And mind you to ‘be a man’ you have to be strong, earn, have a dick, not be gay, not cry, not show human emotions.

I want a world where we don’t need a day to celebrate women or men, where every day is happy. Where my sarcasm will be useless. I want a world where I can stop calling myself a feminist. A perfect world. But it doesn’t exist.

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