Behavioural Disorders in Children

Posted by Jyoti Kiran867
March 10, 2018

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Children are most valuable and beautiful gift of god. Their lovingness their cuteness , innocency and talks are the most attracting ornaments for  women . Every parent expects a level of decency and good behaviour from their children after a certain period of time. But what if they started behaving indecent and loud ?? It’s the time when you should understand that your child is suffering from Behavioural Disorders.  Due to behavioural disorders a child is started behaving hostile,  aggressive, loud and disruptive .

There are some symptoms which shows your child is really suffering from behavioural disorders.  

1. Harming and Threatening themselves and others.

2. Damaging Property.

3. Misbehave with family members and others.

4. Lying and stealing.

5. Not doing well in studies.

6. Early sexual activities.

7. Early smoke drink and drug use.

8. Frequent arguments.

A child can be suffered from behavioural disorders due to :

1. Birth of siblings , as it causes insecurities.

2. Divorce of parents or their separation.

3. Lack of closeness and love from parents.

4. Due to stress or any kind of mental stress.

As a good and responsible parent its your duty to look after your child’s problems and make them comfortable by your side that they are safe and under protected zones.

To make your child come out of behavioural disorders,  you should : 

1. Love him.

2. Spent time with him.

3. Listen all his problems carefully and find solutions for it.

4. Keep your eyes on his activities and guide him for his mistakes.

5. Appreciate him for his achievements.

6. Counsel him for his queries.

7. Instead of getting hyper,  try to understand his mental condition when he misbehaves or act loudly.

8. Participate with him in his favourite activities .

9. And if the problems are taking a bigger shape,  then immediately contact the psychologist and ask for advice.

10. Also become patience , empathetic listening and understanding.

To control your child’s all positive and negative behavioural aspect its important to be his friend not his strict and controlling teacher .





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