Chhordima: A Photo Tribute To My Grandmother Who Fought A Male-Dominated Society

Posted by Ranita Roy in Inspiration, PhotoNama
March 6, 2018

For the average Indian woman, the slogan is—”Back to the kitchen.” A man lives his own life in the outside world, while a woman faithfully pursues the monotonous round of her domestic duties and household chores.

But the fact is – A home is a home because of the housewife. A woman is her husband’s partner in life and a sharer of all his joys and sorrows, and as well as his counsellor. A woman’s credibility is supposedly her chastity; it is this emphasis on chastity that is the distinctive characteristic of the Indian woman. Perhaps in contrast with women of other countries. It is the importance that is attached to chastity that has made her value her marriage. So she is entitled to all the considerations and all the opportunities that are customarily allowed to men. It must, however, be admitted that in actual practice we see a wide departure from all these high ideals. It is observed that man has managed to confine a woman to her home and has denied her those opportunities of freedom and growth which the men enjoy.

Chhordima is my grandmother.  Since my childhood, I found her lively lifestyle very inspiring. In a male-dominated society, I looked up to her ability to live life with a positive attitude and happiness.  In spite of family pressures, she never succumbed.  As she grew older, I saw, a distance created with her children, who got busy with their own professional and family lives.  She lost her husband and became absolutely alone. But still, I found her having a great motivation towards life.  She lives each day at a time and loves spending time with her grandchildren. She has a tremendous inner strength. And these photos are my tribute to this great lady in my life.

and love.

It’s my tribute to this great lady in my life.