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Children Feel loneliness in colleges and schools

Posted by Deepika Joshi
March 5, 2018

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Today I want to discuss a very important topic for teachers and parents and where whole education system.As college can be tiresome it can be daunting to just sit in the classroom and when other children don’t cares about other children they can make them feel isolated ,and can affect a children’s mental colleges and universities there is no counselling provided which can affect these children a lot.teachers and parents should be emotional available for their children they should be like friends.if a teacher knows a kid is scoring less marks this could be due to can you sit in a class and study sitting there alone and noone to talk to.? These children won’t admit they are lonely there could be many problems at home but universities and teachers should make their time memorable and study should be fun…a little affection can boost a child’s confidence and then see how she/he studies.No kid should feel isolated in your presence you should teach other kids to mingle these children with them and in their group rather than making fun.

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