Choosing The Right Doctor For Phoenix Lasik

Posted by Arizona Lasik
March 6, 2018

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Laser surgery

The advent of newer technologies like lasers has enabled various new kinds of surgeries which were previously not possible. The use of computer-guided lasers for performing LASIK surgery sounds sci-fi, but it is a reality today. While it may seem like the application of technology is the be all and end all, it is not so. The skill and experience of the doctor performing the LASIK surgery play a huge role in the success of the surgery. A well-performed surgery will be less likely to develop any complications and will be quicker to recover from. Hence it is necessary that you weigh your options while choosing the right LASIK provider.

LASIK surgery

One of the first advice for choosing the right LASIK provider is do not chase the lowest cost. When it comes to laser eye surgery, you do not want your doctors to be cutting costs. When a skilled doctor takes his time, and uses the high quality certified equipment, the costs will not be insignificant. If you are being offered a price significantly lower than the average price in the market, somewhere corners are being cut. The consequence could be complications in surgery leading to dis at is factory results or other additional problems resulting from the surgery. You should check the profile of the doctor and see how much experience he or she has. You can check the local news if there have been any major incidents regarding the provider or hospital. Sometimes major accomplishments of the hospital are also reported in news. Steer clear of too good to be true advertising. Be aware that, as mentioned on the FDA website, “There are never any guarantees in medicine.” You must ensure that the cost includes insurance to cover the cost of correction of any complication that may arise during the surgery. Not all patients are ideal candidates for LASIK surgery. Ensure that the doctors are screening for potential health conditions that may increase the risk of complications during the surgery. A rejection rate of 10-15% might indicate that those doctors are adequately screening their patients and not conducting LASIK surgery on just anyone. You must be able to freely communicate with your doctor. If the doctor you have chosen is making you uncomfortable during the initial consultation or unable to answer any of your queries satisfactorily, you can always turn away before the actual surgery. LASIC is also quite a common procedure. If you know someone who has had the surgery, you can ask about their experience. You will be able to get more details than any online testimonials.

Airzona Lasik

We at Airzona Lasik understand the importance of quality LASIK surgeons. We employ highly experienced and skilled surgeons. We have performed LASIK eye surgeries in Phoenix for hundreds of past patients with great results. The fact that quite a few of our patients are doctors themselves speaks for our reputation in providing the highest quality care and treatment. We are among the leading providers of LASIK eye surgery in Phoenix AZ.


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