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“darkness to be the brightest soul”

Posted by aishugarg
March 2, 2018

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the darkness I have been familiar with

I know what it really feels

some say it is the worst part of one’s life


but for some it acts as a heal

the corner of the room which is usually ignored

suddenly acquires the importance


the smile that has always flourished upon the face

has to face the deepest ignorance

the light from the window which lightens up the room

was suddenly locked out to the surrounding


the darkness which I was afraid of suddenly rises up by its gloom

all the laughs that were laughed upon me

I took I to the deepest place

all dreams went to a different world which were all meant to be chased

I was brave enough to take the jokes cracked on me

“why am I like this? Change me! ” I always plead

all of them think I m a bit strange, mad and insane

but no one understood my heart entirely filled with pain


no one by my side, I always walked alone

but I knew I was the only ruler of my life’s throne

I battled somehow fighting all the odds

derived my heart with beautiful memories and positive thoughts

my pen became my best friend when it comes to sad times

the problems I faced, I wrote and they became my wipes

no one dared to be my side as I walked through this hell

alone with my thoughts, teached me to know myself

DARKNESS– dark, bad, dangerous as described


but I know what a dark shadow really means in life .

Aishwarya Garg

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