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Education : India Today [i]

Posted by Shreyas Tannu in Specials
March 2, 2018

Who says India needs to gear up on the development front? I feel we are quite far ahead in development! The reason being, when ‘peons’ are ‘engineers’ (yes, you read that right the first time), what else is needed? In 2015, a government office in UP raised an opening for the post of 387 peons and the competition was so neck to neck with 2.2 lac applicants being engineers. All due respect and no offense intended, but the post of a peon did not necessarily demand an engineer yet the post was overflowing with applicants from the same. If this persists to be the case, we are absolutely transparent of becoming the super power. Sounds like overloaded sarcasm, but pricks like naked truth.

Getting a government job today, means tunneling through the various entrance exam monsters. And when an exhausted engineer fails to do so but still desires to get the perks of a government job, he makes a step in the above direction ! Also because of the immense criteria, better communication skills and extremely-difficult-to-fight-for- competition in the private sector, leaves a 4 years struggled engineer struggle again for a job. And when nothing works, applications for the post of peons by engineers floods the media and that “Bachelor of engineering degree” becomes just a piece of pride for our walls. We fail to throw light on the fact that the number of engineers manufactured every year are more than double of the available jobs. The race is laid already and not even a few reach the finish line and the mob behind is left with nothing but the blame game.

Blame it on the government and system, and the angry engineer wipes his hands off his in-capabilities. Agreed! The government civil services exams are not a go-with-the-flow entrances but a minimum of 2-3 year rigorous effort, even for  those distinction seeking engineers. Does that mean we call off or curtail down the difficulty level of the exam? Well if yes, we’d be promoting it to lose it’s essence and also it’s honor and that is exactly what we should not entertain! “We are engineers and we have a reputation of clearing exams by studying a night before” – is what we take our at most pride in, whereas that should be the answer to every question, you question yourself when you do not have a job! Clearing exams overnight will only fetch you a degree on paper, not a job in hand. And when we fear these ghosts of government civil services exams, we take resort to private sector jobs. But they too are no mother to us!(why should they be)

Between our dreams of MNC’s and Silicon Valley, we stand incapable to build the bridge between our abilities and their expectations! When they load your bank accounts will handsome salaries on the last day of the month,they ought to get enough from you too. They expect excellent communication skills, apt work efficiency and a good work life balance- is absolutely accepted.They pay you equivalent,or even more. And yet, why do we fail to get in them? “Aptitude tests, GD’s interviews are a real hard nut to crack”- said an unskilled engineer and played his blame game again! You know, almost all of the apti’s and interviews center around only one genre- The Basics! That’s exactly where our weakest nerve gets tickled. We learn our courses each year ahead to forget what we learnt the previous year.

It’s only the syllabus-setters who have taken the Basics seriously- a little too much. We are so much rooted to the Basics that even in the era of wireless and 5g, our text books still teach us telegram! Blessed are we, at least they don’t teach us posting letters #Irony

The gravity of the situation today, also gives an alarming call for the upgradation of the syllabus. Be ready, my next blog on syllabus is coming soon. Until then …..Think