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Hollywood Sexploits in the News: Weinstein Divorce Takes Front and Center Stage

Posted by Boris Dzhingarov
March 2, 2018

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it starts all over again. There seems to be no end to the sexploits of famous people making it to the front pages of tabloids around the world. Last year it was accusations against the Republican nominee in the presidential race, Donald J. Trump, and this year it is Harvey Weinstein, famed Hollywood film producer and former co-owner of Miramax Films. While Mrs. Trump stood by her man, it seems as though Mrs. Weinstein, fashion designer Georgina Chapman, has other thoughts altogether on sexploits and infidelity.

Chapman Speaks Out

In a statement released by People magazine, Chapman states that her heart is broken for all the women who suffered what she believes to have been “tremendous pain.” She goes on to explain this is the reason for leaving her husband. However, in the article Weinstein has already been tried and convicted. Where is the journalistic use of the terms “alleged” or “allegedly?” Leaves one to wonder if Weinstein should contact a divorce lawyer who can also bring suit against publications seeking to convict him in the public’s eye long before the case is even brought to divorce court.

Editorials Posing as Journalism

Whether or not Weinstein is guilty of sexploits or infidelity isn’t at issue here. The point of greatest concern is the media’s blatant attempt to sway an outcome. Traditional journalism should remain unbiased, but the media has done an about-face in recent years. No longer posting unbiased news, newspapers and magazines are writing opinionated exposés based on the writer’s personal stance on issues from the hacking of the DNC last year to sexploits of the rich and famous.

Sensationalism Can Tear Marriages Apart

It is impossible to even go as far as calling the writer a journalist because journalism implies unbiased reporting of facts. The Weinstein article was anything but unbiased. There were facts, but those were confined to statements made by Mrs. Weinstein. Nothing else has been admitted by the accused or proven in a court of law. How many celeb marriages do you think have been torn apart by the paparazzi or ‘journalists’ looking for a headliner instead of spiritual growth? It would be interesting to find real statistics which could be used in divorce court by astute attorneys representing their client’s best interests.

Did Weinstein Admit Anything in His Responses?

Here is where a good divorce lawyer would probably put a gag order on his client, if not the press! Comments such as admitting he was in counseling and speaking of his hopes for reunification when “I get better” imply that he may, indeed, be guilty of sexploits. As hazy as his comments were, they could be damning in the public eye. Yes, divorce court is different, but in a criminal court case these comments could have tried and convicted him by a jury long before they are even chosen!

Hollywood sexploits are nothing new and the truth is, they sell papers! Granted People wants a sensational headliner and that is understood. The magazine also doesn’t claim to be anything other than a tabloid. However, where is unbiased reporting today by those calling themselves journalists? Sorry Mr. Weinstein but it looks like you’re guilty as charged – at least in the media.

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