How Pakistan Became Terroristan!

Posted by Asha Kanta Sharma
March 4, 2018

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How Pakistan Became Terroristan!

Pakistan symbolized Islamic separatism when it was born in 1947. It is the only country in the world born in the name of a religion. If Indians hoped that giving land to radical Muslims, to ensure that they live separately in their own ‘Islamic ways’, would bring permanent peace in the region they are proved decisively wrong. It turned out to be a terrible mistake. The so-called ‘Islamic ways’ of Pakistan turned it into an incurable chronic migraine for India, which is now home to nearly as many Muslims as its entire population. Its quest for pure Islamic land transmuted into a thirst for pure Islamic terror. Pakistan’s has been a remarkable journey from separatism to self-destructive terrorism. It has become a safe haven for terrorists. It can now appropriately be called a terroristan – the global capital of terrorists.

Since its birth, Pakistan went through several transformations – but, all in the wrong direction. Even at the age of 70, it is a juvenile confused nation – still searching for a sensible national identity beyond Jehadi Islam and a national goal other than ‘destroy India’, on whose land it was founded. Like paranoid and isolated North Korea, Pakistan is the only other nation that threatens its neighbor (India) with nuclear attack.  Today, both are the closest allies of Communist China. More correctly, the two are the strategic assets of China!!

Dichotomy and irrationality is built deeply in Pakistan’s psyche. It fools itself as a democracy, but is actually run by the army and secret agency. Its population is just about the size of Indian Uttar Pradesh, but behaves as if it equals India. Like North Korea, it squanders money on military while its citizens remain trapped in poverty. It creates Jehadis and then fights them, at the same time! It runs terrorists’ training camps but also declares itself as the biggest victim of terrorism! The glue of ‘Islam’ should have kept Pakistan united better than India’s Fevicol, but it easily broke into two pieces in 1971! If the world sees Islam as a religion of peace, Pakistan uses it just as a tool to promote jehadi violence.

Clearly, Indians didn’t understand Islam in 1947 – and quite likely, they still don’t. However, today looking at the highly radicalized Pakistani society and powerful divisive forces of jehadi Islam trying to tear it apart  Indian Muslims feel deeply satisfied that they live in secular India surrounded by peaceful Hindus. In fact, Pakistan is so badly trapped in the labyrinth of its unique ‘jehadi destructive thinking’ that experts don’t see it surviving for long. The only thing they can’t tell is its exact remaining shelf life! However, they are fully convinced that it would be eaten up by the Bhasmasur of terrorism that it created chasing religious fanaticism.

Here is the confession of rare sane Pakistani: Jinnah made a mistake and I am ashamed of being Pakistani.

The Betrayal Of East Pakistan: Birth of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a symbol of humiliation – a deep Islamic hurt – for Pakistan. It is a reminder of its failed democracy. The 1971 India-Pak war is something Indians love to talk about and Pakistanis wish to forget. It signifies how politically strong West Pakistan betrayed its own countrymen in the Eastern half. Surrender of 93,000 Pak army men before the Indians in just two weeks of fight deeply hurt the psych of Pak establishment and badly bruised its Islamic pride. Cocky Pak generals always boasted of their ‘highly fierce’ Islamic army. They still do. But this disgraceful fiasco ended up distorting their already twisted brains. It transformed their pathological hatred for India into lifelong insanity.

Here is what triggered their 1971 debacle:

In December 1970, a general election for Pak National Assembly was held. The result went in the favour of East Pakistan based Awami League led by Sheikh Mujib ur Rahman. It bagged 167 seats compared to just 82 seats of West Pakistan’s Pakistan People’s Party, of the total 313 seats. But rather than being invited to form a new government, Mujib was arrested. It triggered widespread civil unrest across East Pakistan. Politically dominant West Pakistan used army to curb the unrest.

Pak army suddenly started the crackdown at midnight on March 25, 1971. It was resisted by Bengalis under the banner of Mukti Vahini without much arms or combat training. What followed was a large scale genocide and rape. Millions of Bangla refugees crossed over to Indian side for safety while Pak army continued killing civilians and raping women. After over 10 million refugees flooded Assam and West Bengal and still arriving India decided to intervene militarily and restore peace. In just two weeks of operation the whole Pak army in the East Pakistan surrendered on December 16, 1971. But by then the ‘highly fierce’ Pak Islamic army had already slaughtered over three million people and raped over two hundred thousand Bengali women.

Roots of the genocide were traced by none other than Lt. General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, head of the Pakistani Eastern Command who surrendered before the Indian forces on December 16. In his book The Betrayal of East Pakistan, he wrote

“On the night of March 25-26, 1971, General Tikka Khan (of the Pakistani Eastern Command) turned the peaceful night into a time of wailing, crying and burning…. The military action was a display of stark cruelty, more merciless than the massacres at Bukhara and Baghdad by Changez Khan and Halaku Khan, or at Jallianwala Bagh by the British General Dyer.”

But who was the real villain in the West Pakistan who caused country’s break up?

All pointers indicated that it was the power crazy Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who, along with some generals conspired to negate the election results and got Mujib arrested. In many ways, it was also a logical display of the West Pakistani Islamic mindset that always looked down upon the East Pakistani Bengali Muslims as lowly and inferior Muslims.

Maverick Bhutto became the prime minister of the truncated Pakistan, now confined within the Western half. But he paid dearly for the dirty games he played with the military generals. First he ditched the then dictator Yahya Khan and then dumped his successor too. Ultimately, it was the same Zia-ul Haq, whom he had appointed as army chief superseding several generals, who ousted him in 1977. In April 1979, Zia hanged him after a sham trial.

However, the Bangladesh war has not yet ended for the Pakistanis! They are still fighting it in Kashmir through Islamic jehadis!  And this proxy war will continue until internal contradictions tear apart Pakistan. At least two more communities – Balochs and Pashtuns – are waiting to get their sovereign nations!!  People of Sindh feel highly alienated being treated like second grade citizens. It appears that producing jehadi suicide bombers in the terror factories, Pakistan itself has put on a suicide jacket with a ticking timer!!

Pakistan  Becomes  Wahhabistan!

After Bhutto, another character who pushed Pakistan in the wrong direction was general Zia-ul Haq, a smart guy who knew Bhutto’s real character. That’s why he got rid of him in 1979. Zia led Pakistan  towards Islamic fundamentalism.

General Zia was always at odds with the democratic forces but felt comfortable with radical mullas. The defeat of Soviet occupiers in Afghanistan in the late 1980s at the hands of Islamic jehadis motivated him to change the character of armed forces. Rather than professionalism that modern nations promote, he wanted Pak soldiers to turn into fanatic jehadi killers. He fell in love with Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabism and started to hobnob with Islamic extremists and fundamentalists. He encouraged them in order to weaken the democratic processes of the country. For his personal safety, he also propped up an anti-democratic class of officers by instilling Islamic fundamentalism in them. Thus, Pakistani institutions – most particularly its military and secret service – started to get infected with all types of fundamentalists and radical elements.

While it served his immediate purpose, it brought radical clergymen into political dominance – fading out elected leaders. Reflecting their fundamentalist thinking these mullahs started to tell people to behave like Arabs of the 7th century, in the name of Sharia Law. Madarsas and Mosques began to fall in the hands of radical preachers supported by Saudi funds. Shia-Sunnis divide widened as Wahhabi Sunni preachers started radicalizing people.

Madarsas started to churn out products that naturally preferred backward looking Sharia ideals over things like democracy and free society. Indoctrinated into religious fanaticism they formed valuable raw material for the Jehad factories run by the ISI and military. Although Zia vanished in thin air in a plane crash, his legacy continued in the form of increasing radicalization of Pak society. Next dictator Musharraf capitalized it in Kargil intrusion in 1999. It decisively demonstrated the wonderful chemistry between Pak soldiers and terrorists. The world watched it in disbelief.

In the next logical phase of radicalization, Pak army is now pushing terrorists into politics. It is mainstreaming jehadis. After the LeT chief Hafiz Saeed launched a political party, other terrorist groups are closely following him. Quite likely, in coming years they would sideline the current political parties and dominate the political landscape of Pakistan. Even if they don’t majority seats to form government  they can surely become king makers. Given the high level of radicalization of Pak society these extreme groups have a bright future, as least till Pakistan is intact!

So far the world was worried about Pak nuclear arsenal falling in the hands of terrorists, now it has to worry about Pakistan falling in jehadi hands!

A State “Trapped” in the Islamic Logic!

Pakistan is now ‘Wahhabistan’. World has yet to acknowledge this fact. It is also a State at war with itself.  Shias are always on target at the hands of Sunni terror groups like the Taliban and its clones who don’t consider Shias as Muslim – as a result, streets of Karachi have often turned red with Shia blood. Ahmediyas and other groups face the same music of Wahhabi violence because they are also not considered ‘real’ Muslims!

Pashtuns are one people divided into two countries by the arbitrarily drawn colonial Durand line in the colonial period – 30 million in Pakistan and 14 million in Afghanistan. The demand for a unified Pasthunistan is a slow-burning fire ready to erupt in the future as Pashtun nationalism builds up or as Pakistan weaken. Balochs never accepted Pakistan as a colonial ruler – weakened Pakistan would no longer be able to suppress their desire for freedom.

Loss of Bangladesh has not only severely hurt Pakistan’s ‘Islamic identity’ – the only reason for its existence – but also made it high paranoiac. Looking at so many divisive forces across the country many gullible Pakistanis see its military as the only savior. They reason: But for the “highly Islamic” and “fierce” army, the separatist movements in practically all provinces (except Punjab) would tear apart the great Islamic State of South Asia!  Then they wonder: will it go on like this forever?

Yes, it will go on like this because Pak soil is no more suitable for unifying civil forces of sanity and wisdom. Given the dangerously high level of radicalization it is now a highly fertile ground for jehadis and extremists to flourish. It is a known fact that these extreme elements have adjustment problems that turn them separatists. They merely reflect the very same face of ‘Islamic separatism’ that divided the unified India in 1947 ‘…in the name of Islam’!  Therefore, fragmentation of Pakistan is a foregone conclusion.

So why complain, face the familiar music and be happy! !

Hangover of the Partition Era

Pakistan remains deeply stuck in the PAST, following its Islamic agenda!

If radical mullahs love to mentally live in the 7th century Arab tribal society in the name of Sharia law, Pakistan is firmly stuck in the 1947 era! Since Islam was the sole reason behind its creation as well as for its ‘unsuccessful’ claim over Kashmir and ‘successful’ occupation of Balochistan, Pakistan is overly conscious of its Islamic identity. If someone asks, what is the final destination of the Islamic State of Pakistan? The answer should be – 1947. A Pak army chief has called Kashmir – the unfinished agenda of 1947!

Just like obstinate children, Pakistani rulers have decided that if they can’t get Kashmir ‘…in the name of Islam’ they would destroy Kashmir ‘…in the name of Islam’ ! Therefore, they have set up special ‘terrorist factories’ to fuel jahdi violence in the Kashmir valley and then publicize it around the world as persecution of Muslims by Hindu India! Pak’s ISI is actively trying to radicalize Indian Muslims and influence journalists, politicians and intellectuals as part of its wider hate and break India agenda.

Fear of “RAW” Unites Pakistan!

Fear of losing lands of Baloch and Pashtuns is a constant worry for the scotch-loving generals. There are other separatist forces too that they don’t know how to handle. The traditional trick is to divert attention by talking about Kashmir and renewing Islamic solidarity with Kashmiris. Painting Hindu India as its eternal enemy goes side by side. Every Pakistani who is somebody has to curse India and Hindus to prove that he is holier than the holiest in Pakistan!

But there is another monstrous entity whose fear really unites Pakistanis. This devil is RAW, the Research and Analysis Wing – India’s secret agency. This Indian devil is the chief conspirator and is solely responsible for every bad thing that happens on this “Pure” Islamic nation (That’s what Pakistan means!). Here are some sound bytes of Pakistani RAW comedy.

RAW conspired in 1971 to break Pakistan and create Bangladesh, by forcing Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to reject Sheikh Mujeebur Rahman’s election victory – that pushed the country into civil war!

RAW is responsible for all protests, unrests and separatist movements all over the country!

It is RAW that coaxed General Pervez Musharraf to send Jehadis in army uniform to Kargil peaks in 1999; RAW also forced him to oust Nawaz Shareif and grab power and then ousted Pervez!

RAW planned the Mumbai terror attack of 2008 so that ‘Hindu India’ can blame innocent Pakistan and its most peace-loving citizens like Hafiz Sayeed! Hindu devils also hanged an innocent Pakistani, Ajmal Kasab, who was only performing his Religious Duty by killing Hindu Kafirs in Mumbai!  [By the way, Pakistan never admitted that Kasab was its citizen, just as it did not claim bodies of Pakistanis killed in Kargil in 1999.]

Even in Kashmir, RAW is foiling the “Holy terror” of Islamic Jehadis, so painstakingly trained in Pakistan’s terror factories!

There is national consensus that it is not Pakistan government, ISI or military that runs Pakistan, but it is the Super-Devil RAW that has been appointed by Hindu India to run Pakistan as its colony!!

And now again in 2014, it is the same all powerful RAW that planted a Hindu monster, Modi, as Indian Prime Minister. Modi is a Hindu devil who knows black magic: when he speaks he attracts people like a magnet and the whole world listens, but when Pakistani PM gets up to speaks he sends people into sleep!

La ilaha Il allah; Pakistan ka matlab kiya?  (There is no God but Allah. What does Pakistan mean?)

Pakistan is a riddle perhaps even Allah can’t solve but if you think you are smarter, try explaining the meaning of Pakistan to Pakistanis !  Good Luck!!

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