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Important Lessons I Learnt in the first year of my marriage

Posted by Rajveer khanna
March 7, 2018

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Marriage is a life-changing event that happens in the lives of most people. The most awaited day changed my life too but in a good way. From emotional to social to financial, everything about my life changed, making me a more responsible and mature person. I am sure similar changes have happened in your life too. The undeniable truth is once married; you start thinking about the two of you and your children in future rather than thinking for yourself only. This is the biggest change. I am willing to share my experience for making things easier for the future or just married couples who are dwindling between changes in their personal lives and important financial decisions. Let us explore the important lifestyle changes that have changed me as a person in the first year of my marriage.

Time gets distributed

After the initial euphoria of the big life event, your life takes a drastic change. The time that you had for yourself after coming from work has got distributed with your spouse. If I spend an hour on my hobbies apart from other important chores, I will spend half an hour with my partner. We don’t have a common interest in TV shows. As a result, the time that I used to watch TV has also shortened.

More Social Gathering

Let us accept the truth that with marriage, you also get more involved socially. You start attending marriages of your cousins, relatives, your spouse’s relatives and much more. Can you refuse to attend such gatherings? If you ask this question to me, I would say No. You can’t because you are expected to attend every function possible unless you have a schedule that comes on your way.

Spending Less

Before marriage, I spent my life like a free bird. I never had to think twice. It is no more the same. As a responsible person, I don’t spend unnecessarily and try to save as much as possible. Surprisingly, I have been saving more than ever.

More Planning

Everything is planned now. We plan what we need to spend on and how much we need to spend. Let me cite a simple example. If we must go for a trip in the next six months, we save a portion of our salary every month so that by the end of the six months, we have enough funds according to our planning without compromising on other luxuries.

Financial Responsibility

As soon as I got married, I started to feel more mature. It happens to everyone I guess. I only had a salary account before I got married. Soon after I tied the nuptial knot, I opened a Fixed Deposit Account also. Life and Health Insurance policies are also essential insurance plans which we have bought. Though I wish to grow old with my husband; I can’t ignore life’s uncertainties. In my absence, my life insurance policy will give financial protection to my husband. Similarly, a health insurance policy will cover our medical expenses. We have included maternity benefit in our health insurance policy.

Financial stability is a must for every married couple to live happily. As both of us earn and are supporting our family, we choose the right insurance plans.

Marriage is a Responsibility, Accept it!

Until I got married, I believed that nothing could change. On the contrary, my life has taken a U-turn positively after marriage. Amidst the changes that I have gone through, the financial changes have been the best. Now I am a more responsible individual. It takes a few steps to be organised and planned. As a team, my husband and I took the steps needed to make our lives more meaningful and financially secure.


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