In the name of CSR

Posted by Rutika Yeolekar
March 1, 2018

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I see right through you.


You sit there claiming to be a messiah of grass root communities

when you never stepped out of the hustle of the city to ever peep into a village.


you crib about the lack of fresh air while you let those mild classics devour your lungs whole.

While you swirl in your lavish chair sitting in the comfort of your air-conditioned room.


I see right through your false concern about the catastrophic global warming.

while you fail to see the number of pages you print about research on climate change.


I see right through your wit and charm,

when you fail to practise basic etiquettes or treat people that work for you with kindness.


Everytime you plant a seed in the soil in the name of conservation,

you paint hoardings around them with your credit hungry intentions.


But who would see your true colours when you own the state and all of its power?

Even the very soil that my body will one day be buried under.


But one day I promise the world will see who you really are and when it arrives,

it will shred you into pieces and dispose of your remains in one of your own fancy carts!



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