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Is love is a crime

Posted by nisha chaudhary in Specials
March 1, 2018

Is love a crime………?

We live in a country where thousands of bollywood movies have been made and so many are being made solely on this topic.

A country where n number of scriptures have been written like Grihashutras in Vedic times, Kamasutra, Meghduta, Raghuvamsav, Malvikagnimitram by Kalidasa to name a few.

A country where mammoth temples like Khajuraho were constructed by the chandela rullers.

A country where love stories are part and parcel of folklores like….. Laila maznu…. Heer Ranjha, Siri Farhad etc.

But do we really support love in real life??

Where the actual problem is ??

In my opinion all this is because of the age old mentality of patriarchal and male dominated society.

Honour killings are still happening directly or indirectly in one part of this country or another.

Why do these incidents keep on happening ?

One such incident took place where an acquaintance of mine was brutally murdered by his parents and relatives.

It actually shook my conscience to the core.

Can’t we put a full stop to all such incidents for once and all.
Can’t we save these innocent lives. Why do they have to die just because they choose to follow their heart.

There are rules and regulations which prohibits such henuois crimes….. Hundreds of laws are there to protect the human dignity and provide every single citizen with his/her basic human rights….which includes to live with dignity and to choose freely whomsoever they want to love and get married.

Is the system/govt of the day/ the state…..the SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC India that is called Bharat failing which guarantees every citizen JUSTICE, social, economic and political
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity and to promote among them all
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation.

Or we as human beings failing to become human beings.