Is Rahul Gandhi A Part-Time Politician?

Posted by shakee in Politics
March 5, 2018

To be honest, Rahul Gandhi’s deep dimpled smile is never harsh. He is certainly not bored of his style, which, in my opinion, simply makes light of his political position. I also believe that this is why politicians and journalists often show an aversion to his conduct and mannerisms.

When the elated Amit Shah was asked out Rahul’s absence when the results of the polls in Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland were declared, he responded saying that there were elections in Italy too, after all – a fact Shah had apparently come to know via a WhatsApp message.

Why did Shah raise this issue? And in this light, what did the Congress party president have to do with the polls in Italy? In a way, I think Shah was simply beating around the bush and taunting Rahul and his party in the process.

However, there were people who defended Rahul’s visit. According to them, this was the only time he could have visited Italy before the onset of the Parliament session.

It was definitely urbane of Rahul Gandhi to tweet about his visit to Italy. After all, he was there to see his old grandmother. However, his absence became a matter of discussion and ridicule for politicians and journalists.

While the visit may have been due to familial affection, his absence on Indian shores was construed as a lack of concern for the party. This is all the more plausible because he has been absent during many significant moments in the past too. His latest absence during such a testing time directly gives the impression of being detached from the party’s cadres.

In the past too, he has also shown a tendency to stay away from parliamentary discussions. Some say that he acts like a ‘half-politician’, others even call him a part-time politician. And there are people who describe him as a slapdash leader.

However, the Congress doesn’t seem to be bothered by these viewpoints. They still maintain that the party president shows utmost interest even in the smallest political issues.