It’s not women’s day yet..

Posted by Deeksha Verma
March 8, 2018

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It’s “Women’s Day”

Everyone’s messages, status, posts,

Are filled with women’s day wishes and quotes.

I too have posted one on mine,

But not just to follow some trending line.

I really want to make a difference,

And don’t want to think about the consequence.

But then today I saw a short film, “SEAL”,

It talked about some insulting practices women after marriage usually deals.

How important it’s for a woman to be virgin I found,

Before assuring it, marriage has no meaning or grounds.

But no virginity test was being performed,

Just a white bed sheet and it was all done.

I was happy to see in the story how the man supported his wife,

Gave importance to love and trust which is prime.

The story was sweet but then came the society,

Even their parents, on duty.

All they wanted to see was the red stain,

If yes, it’s all ok pure relation to begin.

 Else time for consequences for the girl to bear,

Which are even hard to think of and explain.

He respected his wife but couldn’t stand for her in front of his parents,

The biggest face of the society he has to face.

He made a cut on his hand few drops of blood,

 Enough to make a red stain.

I was pissed to see this trend,

And decided to share the story and give my share for this trend to end.

But here came the society again can say blame game,

Will it be ok to share it?

What my own family and friends will think?

And I lost the battle.

Where a few moments back I was trying to make a difference,

A few moments later, I being a girl, not having the nerve for same to stand.

But it’s all ok I guess,

What important is posting a trending “Happy women’s day” message,

 And to screw the respect of those same women,

 By continuing with many more such insulting practices as being done.

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