Learnings From A Start Up – Education Industry

Posted by Siddarth Sethi
March 9, 2018

Innovation is seen imbibed in start up culture always. There is always an urge to do something new and different which sets up the market standards. These developments happens regularly and tossed out normally. Process of evolution either on market segment or internal basis is well maintained always for any organisation. An investment of 100 Million $ would definitely move eyes on ROI which in turn has an impact on balance sheet. Balancing of this responsibility is very essential. To sustain, focus migrates again to creativity and services. There is a need of innovative disruptive centres, with right resources towards Indian Growing Business models. Adoption of right talent on board, rolling the innovation machine, creative lucrative offerings for the market with an aim of scaling up eventually.
Our industry is getting distracted by the growing world around it. Decade old industry cannot stand with the expertise gained in the past, which might fail in the test of future which is getting more complex, agile and challenging with the time.
There is high time to be more responsive in the industry when the future is so indefinite for any sector. Be a learning force with the openness to explore concepts and ideas from all over.
The key value is derived by adopting to the concepts of start ups which is agile and quick which in turn builds values safe for long term. Biggest challenge is convincing decision makers at different origins and to get them inspired. Tapping on innovation with a systematic approach is the key to success. Expertise required on right tie ups.Strategic Thinking with long term vision is to be monitored. Partner – Idea Alignment has to be positive. Short term profit visionaries just have cuts no growth. Ideas have to click internally as team rather than any top management.  Small size organisations can be a competitor to a large size organisation but the inclination of tie up for a large size towards small one is a challenge and this perspective is very interesting to understand and analyse. This gap needs to be closed and have to generate win win situations. 20% of the daily routine time should be devoted to think on new ideas for the betterment of the organisations and for the learning agents. Evolution with added values constantly and to be proactive to understand the switching mindsets of the industry trends is the mantra. Power of belief on each other is the key to growth and to stand together not alone in the market.

Large companies can afford losses with massive absorption strengths compared to start ups. On the other hand, startups teaches to be unsettling with bold strategies in our own business. Large companies need big absorption time to cope up with changing market trends. Rewarding contributors to take risks itself is a challenge as only way of compensation is one sided existing for all. Innovation is never an option rather its a need to the Growth and without right Values, it is Null and unacceptable.

Don’t Act By Your Age, Act By Your Responsibilities. I am proud to be a contributor for a Start Up. Are You?