Why Can’t We Dedicate A Day To The People Who Produce The Food We Eat?

Posted by Aniruddha Mukherjee in Society
March 22, 2018

Let’s go back to our primary school days. Do you remember what the teacher make you memorise before the exams?

“Students, whom do we call the ‘friend of the society’?”

And you, like a good student, might have raised your hand and shouted with all the other: “Farmers!”

Now, coming back to the present, do you really remember what your teacher taught you when you were a little kid? No, I know that you don’t. Because someone else has taken that place in your mind. And we call them politicians. That’s really natural. Our mind learns from the circumstances it faces.

But you should also keep in mind that politicians are just the ‘managers’ of a huge factory, whose sole responsibility is to ‘manage’ the workers and keep an eye at how the goods are being produced and how they are being distributed among the dealers. The factory can run without a manager. But without workers, it will hardly strive for a day.

Farmers are the building blocks of a country. And especially for a country like India, whose revenue is largely reliant on its agricultural output, farmers are the main architect of growth and prosperity for the nation.

In this age of fast-paced internet and smart-phones, you maybe going too fast with the trend to give even a thought to these people who work day and night to grow the crops that you are eating and yet, fail to make a two-end’s meal.

Think – during the course of the day, what do you do? Startups, Facebook, entrepreneurship, Instagram, Tinder, blogs, romantic novels, “Tiger Zinda Hai”, Twitter, Linkin Park, Pink Floyd, IIT-JEE, medical, YouTube – where are the farmers? You devote almost 90% of the day to people who don’t give a damn about you and you don’t give a damn about those people who grow crops for you. Sounds fine, right?

Every year, with great enthusiasm, we celebrate Valentine ’s Day, followed by ‘Kick Day’, ‘Slap Day’ and other ‘days’. In my opinion, all these things are stupendous forms of nonsense; we all know that, don’t we? But still, we can’t resist ourselves from getting into this stupidity. That’s fine, really. Going with the trend is itself a trend now. And as you know, trends don’t last long.

In between all these days that we devote to our various true loves, can’t we devote a single day of the calendar to the people who grow crops for us? Can’t we celebrate a day in the name of those people who produce the sabzi  (vegetables) that your mom prepares everyday with added-love? Can’t we fill our Facebook walls saying thanks to the farmers? Can’t we set our WhatsApp status to a joyful video thanking the farmers? If not every day, then on the particular day in your calendar that will be called “National Farmers’ Day”.

I know we can do it. We are the young guns. We can do anything we want to. Let’s make our move today. Let’s make a difference.