life is a challenge In every stage

Posted by divya giri
March 1, 2018

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One never enjoy their life with full zest. example are we our-self ,we skip each and every stage for the other one . What now I have learn is School Life was far better than anything else ,while being at school we used to wish for college life, the type of hangouts we used to think of , while getting our self admitted at any renowned University we hunt over like at every place, all like how we’ll get admitted at any place tension headache are just a normal thing for any school going child to move to new environment and sometimes with new people, kids move to new place too. For better education, as universities come up with fake promises we tend to believe them blindly. When course comes to an end; and where one needs to get an internship but founds it difficult to get it. But some how after putting a loads of effort gets at the end. But now what it’s time to hunt for job because as an whole no one can get stuck to internship new tension new challenge . “Job Hunt” but after being placed at any particular place one think to move out from that place and looks for the better opportunity. So, as an whole it means no one enjoy their life, we should enjoy our life at that time nothing should be kept for the end   

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